UK Digital Street Infrastructure, Feb 21, 2019

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

No news on who the speakers might be yet so it’s too early for all of our UK readers to rush and sign up but Future Cities Catapult are hold a (Third Thursday) ‘Digital Street Infrastructure’ event on February 21, between 6.30pm – 20.30pm.

Here’s what THEY Say about it…

City infrastructure is increasingly becoming digital as well as physical, opening up new opportunities for the public and private sector.

Companies paint bold visions of how their technology will change our cities – but what is the reality? Will this technology end up damaging the streetscape by creating street clutter, or could it really change the face of our cities for the better? Join us to hear about how digital street furniture is changing cities now and how it could develop.

With the right products and services, the digital public realm could have a positive impact on cities. It could encourage dwell time in public spaces, support engagement and civic participation, improve public service delivery to benefit citizens. Unlike “smart city” implementations in the past, the best solutions are not about technology for technology’s sake, but focus on what challenges could be addressed with better understanding of people and users of public spaces.

Technology development and application is fast, challenging regulators and the public sector who are unable to act as quickly due to resource and institutional limitations. This rapid development of technology can cause real problems for cities and, through unintended consequences, undo the hard work of public servants at local and central levels. This has led some cities to be apprehensive about new technology deployments. The way to get the most from new applications of technology and innovation is by developers working together with cities, its decision makers and the public.

More information (but as we say no speaker details) and registration can be found here.

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