X20 Win Health Club Media Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

One of the RFPs we alluded to back in March 2009 was for the Health Club Media Network™ (HCMN) – who claim to be one of the US’s largest providers of advertising and marketing opportunities.

The incumbent provider was X20 but the network issued an RFP anyway to look at others. When the incumbent wins, which we believe they have in this instance, there is always the suspicion that the RFP was just a ruse to beat the current supplier(s) down on price.

Rumour is that like BroadSign of old, X20 dropped their pants on pricing to stay in the game and win.

Networks need to learn that with SaaS providers you push their prices too low and it’s self defeating and just not sustainable. What happens when you push for a price so low that your supplier goes out of business?

Anyway, hats off to X20 who have been getting some good mentions recently (at the DS Tech Summit they were mentioned unprompted several times) and had a nice presence at InfoComm as well. If they get their act together outside the US then maybe we have a new ‘player’?

The announcement will likely be for 600 sites.

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