Scala Links With Delphi / Daylite

Chris Sheldrake

Very clever of Scala here to ink an integration partnership with Newmarket International – one of the leaders in sales and catering solutions for the hospitality industry.

This partnership will enable Scala customers to leverage event data in the hospitality industry’s most comprehensive software program called Delphi – the ability for example to export event information, meeting rooms and other announcements, directly to display screens within a property.

Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal is one of several sites already using the two programs to send content from Delphi to the hotel’s digital signage network.

Robert Koolen, President of Scala told us “Digital media networks present a large opportunity for the hospitality industry to communicate with guests and staff member. Working with a tool like Delphi to automate a portion of a network’s content means that operators can be confident that they are communicating the right information.

From an operational standpoint, a Delphi administrator will schedule the export of information from Delphi to limit the need for rekeying information and to ensure that accurate information is posted to digital screens.

As usual though the press release is only half of the story, whilst Delphi is a robust local server based application for event management. (Newmarket will in fact provide an API to anyone willing to stump up and pay USD 20K) it is in fact a product called Daylite, the SaaS version of Delphi that many hospitality folks are now using, simply because they cannot always afford Delphi.

It was left to a company called Core Technology in Las Vegas to engineer a Scala interface to Daylite meeting and events system (in fact they got there way before Scala). Core Tecnology’s Scala/Daylite interface was originally built for the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas we believe.

About Newmarket International

Newmarket International, Inc. is the leader in delivering sales, group catering and event software solutions to the global hospitality and entertainment industries. Newmarket International’s suite of business solutions can be found in hotels, casinos, restaurants, visitor bureaus, stadiums, meeting arenas and convention centers throughout the world. Newmarket International has over 80,000 users worldwide, with over 18,000 installations in over 154 countries. Newmarket International is headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with international offices in London, Shanghai, Brisbane and Singapore.

Newmarket and Delphi are registered trademarks of Newmarket International, Inc.

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  1. PhilGo20 Says:

    Good move for Scala, but I would think a few DS platforms are already doing this to display meeting rooms info on the network, our partners at Intello Technologies begin among them.

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