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Guest Contributor, Tim Harvey

There’s good consensus in the Out-Of-Home industry that we need to stop Out of Home Advertising being put into the ‘difficult box’ and collectively grow its advertising market share through innovation and productivity improvements.

Out of Home Advertising has always been as simple as getting the right content, on the right canvas, in the right place at the right time, but the complexity has crept in as we’ve increased the volume of inventory and reduced the time it takes to change the advertising message from weeks to seconds.

To this end, a lot of new organisations have come to the market offering smart products, services and systems to make Out of Home more understandable and consumable at volume and velocity.

There is concern however, that over processing of the quality raw ingredients of Out of Home is presenting the advertising market with a slurry of additives and self-preservatives that make the medium fit for only the least discerning of palettes.

Naturally, the last thing we need right now is a dependency on blenders, mixers and aggregators lowering the quality and digestibility of Out of Home with bulk offerings of indistinguishable flavour.

“Education is widely regarded as the route to economic prosperity, the key to scientific and technological advancement, the means to combat unemployment, the foundation of social equity, and the spread of political socialization and cultural vitality.”

Chimombo, Joseph
Journal of International Cooperation in Education
CICE Hiroshima University 2005

Education means that everyone gets to know what good is. Education means that you don’t need to rely solely on a 3rd party to cut, liquidise and spoon feed solutions to you, whilst telling you this is how it should smell, taste and look.

The 1-OOH-1 Workshops were created to educate people about Out of Home Advertising, show how it works from brand to land, show the quality of the raw ingredients of audience, location and time, reveal how ‘frame fresh’ products are technically put together and instil confidence in buyers to make the right choice when selecting suppliers of audience & engagement.

With that knowledge, real market innovation, transformation and growth can flourish

“If you don’t educate yourself first, you really can’t break rules. You have to learn what came before so that you know (a) you’re not really that inventive, and (b) which rules you want to break”
Life’s Work: An Interview with Vera Wang
Harvard Business Review July-August 2019

To define ‘what came before’, I had to ask myself what I knew about Out of Home.

  • I challenged my perceived wisdom with regards to what I thought I knew.
  • I challenged my received wisdom with regards to what other people taught me to know.
  • I completely deconstructed everything I had learned over 15 years of Operational, IT, Sales and Marketing roles with media owners around the world, and built it back up again using publicly available references, fully credited to each area of study.
  • I ended up with a large collection of original and fully referenced studies, diagrams and models spread across a myriad of slides, documents and workbooks. This work was then extensively edited and knitted together into a coherent thread of 4 x 1-day workshops that contain the foundations of knowledge on which the Out of Home Advertising industry will build further innovation, velocity and growth.

These ‘1-OOH-1’ workshops are designed to give the ‘101’ on Out of Home Advertising to anyone who wants to add value to getting the right content, to the right inventory, to the right audience at the right price, with volume and velocity

  • The Audience 1-OOH-1 Workshop
    Reveals the definitions, metrics and methodologies that help you to plan, optimise and attribute an Out of Home advertising campaign to your target audience.
  • The Inventory 1-OOH-1 Workshop
    Presents the concepts of Out of Home media inventory from ‘Frame. Location & Time’ to ‘Audience’ and introduces the key theories of inventory planning, allocation and optimisation.
  • The Commerce 1-OOH-1 Workshop
    Exposes the commercial aspects of the Out of Home Media ecosystem from ‘brand to land’ covering the product, policy, trading and pricing principles that will underpin an annual global media spend of USD 38bn in 2020.
  • The Automation 1-OOH-1 Workshop
    Deconstructed look into the application and workings of automated trading models such as ‘Guaranteed Direct’ and ‘Real Time Bidding’ along with worked examples of IAB Technical Standards including OpenDirect and OpenRTB.

So if you’re a Landlord looking to better understand and value the Out of Home Advertising industry, a Technology Provider looking for a gap in the market, a Sales Agent looking to improve productivity, a Media Agency looking to innovate with screen/frame inventory or a Brand wanting to invest in confidence in the world’s oldest and most effective advertising medium, please get in touch.

I’ll be very happy to share these freshly prepared 1-OOH-1 Workshops with your organisation and deliver the education that will enable you to shape and define the rules for the prosperous economic, technical, democratic and diverse future of the Out of Home Advertising Industry.

Knitting Media’s Founder Tim Harvey can be contacted

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