Basis Technologies and @PlaceExchange Integration

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Basis Technologies a leading provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing and advertising, has announced an integration with Place Exchange.

Tyler Kelly, President, Basis Technologies told us “Digital Out-of-Home is one of the fastest-growing opportunities in digital marketing, with ubiquitous presence reaching nearly every consumer every month. The collaboration of Basis Technologies and Place Exchange built on the groundbreaking new OpenRTB 2.6 specification enables marketers to activate DOOH as part of omnichannel campaigns in more seamless and powerful ways than ever before.”

The companies are allegedly the first to utilize IAB Tech Lab’s new OpenRTB 2.6 specification that standardizes the connection of DOOH ad inventory to programmatic buying channels.

The integration will enable Basis platform users to access digital screens in places such as airports, gas and charging stations, grocery stores, gyms, malls and retail stores, movie theaters and entertainment venues, roadside and city center billboards, taxi and rideshare vehicles, and transit hubs from leading OOH media partners such as Clear Channel Outdoor, GroceryTV, OUTFRONT, Volta, Zoom Media, and many others.

Managing out-of-home campaigns from start to finish has historically been challenging, requiring the marketer to identify locations in which to serve ads, select specific screens, gauge the audiences they reach, and then arrange separate deals with individual vendors. Moreover, this was traditionally done on siloed OOH-specific platforms, separating the planning, execution, optimization and measurement of DOOH campaigns from the management of other digital channels. Basis solves these challenges by unifying DOOH advertising via its omnichannel demand-side platform (DSP), with media automation software that spans multiple media channels.

The IAB TechLab’s OpenRTB specification establishes standards to streamline the connection of technology platforms in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. OpenRTB 2.6 now incorporates specifications for DOOH media that alleviate the need for custom implementations between platforms in the supply chain. This increases the speed to market for advertising technology products and reduces the friction between advertisers and publishers. Representatives from Basis Technologies and Place Exchange took part in the development of the latest OpenRTB specification.

Dave Etherington, Chief Commercial Officer, Place Exchange said “Place Exchange is thrilled to partner with Basis to expand programmatic access to digital out-of-home. This partnership unlocks unmatched scale, quality, and transparency for Basis advertisers that want to connect with their customers in the physical world, alongside their online executions.”

Agencies and marketers using Basis can target inventory by audience, location, publisher, venue category, and more. They receive a number of critical benefits leveraging DOOH capabilities in Basis, including:

  • Access to the largest pool of premium OOH media available.
  • Automated processes for running DOOH campaigns.
  • Unified omnichannel targeting of audiences and media.
  • Holistic reporting to compare DOOH value relative to other channels such as CTV, direct, social and search.

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