New Tesco Digital Signage Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Word reaches us of an interesting new UK digital signage network which was just launched in Tesco’s new Banking and Insurance Centres.

SNV31263The network’s due to roll out to a handful of new stores over the summer, in addition to the initial batch of installations that have already taken place in Coventry, Oldham, Long Eaton, Blackpool and Brislington and what we have seen to date has been quite good.

The Liquid Digital guys are producing all of
the content and we think supplying their own bespoke software playback engines.

With the demise of Tesco Screens it’s great to see, and important for the industry, to have a successful, well liked digital signage network associated with the retailer.

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  1. NeilC Says:

    I was fully expecting another Amscreen unit.

    Thank god.

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