Pa1d 4 Not Hax0r3d

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Whilst some industry authorities reported the Clear Channel Skullphone billboard as hacked, we did say in one of the first postings about it, that it was UNLIKELY to have been hacked.

There has been lots of talk on the geek / gadget boards about it AND lots of disappointment from the cognoscenti that it WASN’T actually hacked!!

That Skullphone billboard hack we saw yesterday had everyone at Engadget HQ pretty impressed with the corporate-pranking hijinks. Too bad it turns out that Skullphone is actually a phony (and total buster, we might add) who had to pay The Man (aka Clear Channel) cold hard cash to “glitch up” the digital billboards. According to Curbed LA (and our reliable tipsters / commenters), Skullphone paid the massive media conglomerate for one-day Los Angeles-wide ads — there was no hacking involved at all. From now on, he should just leave the signage-goofing to the pros, or at least make it clear there’s some money changing hands. Fool us once, shame on you… and… we won’t get fooled again.

See if you are interested in reading some of the thoughts and comments.

There have been real world examples of hacks, though not on a big scale, our message to all sysadmins is the same as ever “let’s be careful out there”

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