Free New Release Digital Recall

Andrew Neale

All of the free digital signage software folks seem to have been a bit quiet recently BUT news just in from Digital Recall Pty Ltd – the original / first digital signage vendor in the FREE space of a major upgrade.

Version 4.0 is described as a “quantum leap forward” (in physics, quantum is the smallest discrete quantity of some physical property that a system can possess so it always strikes us how daft a cliche this is).

New free features include : –

  1. This automatic resolution-resizing to the size of your monitor is now automatic
  2. Scheduling can be done by day of the week and in 5-minute increments
  3. Automated version-upgrade process
  4. Greatly improved Loop and Schedule management
  5. Greatly reduced CPU usage
  6. Total new look of the interfaces

But of course in the new ‘freemium’ world everything actually has a price and there are now a number of additional paid options: –

  1. Screen Zones – ability to have up to 8 zones on each monitor
  2. Live digital TV (DVB-T format)
  3. Play DVD
  4. Play PowerPoint, Word and Excel files
  5. Span image across multiple monitors

We’ve already been playing extensively with C-nario and WireSpring (and to some degree signagelive) and we might just add Digital Recall to our long term tests.

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