Adcentricity Launches Research Lite

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Advertisers on any of the 130,000 screens partnered with Adcentricity in the U.S. and Canada will now have a fast and easy way to know whether their campaign is cost effective, making an impact, building awareness and reaching the right target audience, all through Research Lite.

Research Lite was developed by Adcentricity (with offices in New York, Toronto and Chicago) with the assistance of Peoplecount, a division of Transearch Group Inc., third party supplier of audited out-of-home circulation data in North America.

Known for its ‘One Plan, One Buy, One Bill’ service for advertisers and agencies, Adcentricity is partnered with 130,000 screens in 17 main venue categories and more than 70 sub-categories.

Its new Research Lite, which can give clients results in two weeks, was recently thoroughly beta-tested with Peoplecount, advertiser Verizon and ZenithOptimedia with spectacularly successful results.

“Verizon’s campaign was found to be dead-on with company expectations, with 46% of respondents in Verizon’s field of interest, and having a 79% awareness over 10 media formats,” says Rob Gorrie, Adcentricity president. “Feedback was fantastic.” (Other details are proprietary to Verizon, but understood to be successful across the board.)

“We launched Research Lite because we know that, at the brand and agency level, you can get a lot of push back if they don’t understand the DOOH sector and want to know about the return on their investment, whether they are reaching their targeted audience and so forth,” says Gorrie. “With digital out-of-home one of the fastest emerging mediums in North America, we want to meet the increasing demands of the industry and facilitate affordable campaign-specific research studies to provide deeper insight.”

Research Lite is designed to be turn-key and Adcentricity offers four packages with costs ranging from $4,000 to $50,000 depending on the needs. The company already had offered research with qualitative and quantative analysis, but Research Lite is designed to be off-the-shelf ready and under exclusive arrangement with Peoplecount.

“Research Lite extends our full service solution with ease, efficiency and impact,” says Gorrie. “This is an extended service that includes pre-packaged and fully customized research studies to measure digital out-of-home campaigns in any North American market.”

Research Lite is promoted by Adcentricity as allowing users to:
‣ Garner single source media strategy and research solution;
‣ Leverage North American wide services;
‣ Activate pre-packaged programs for tactical execution and efficiency;
‣ Create fully customized and scalable solutions;
‣ Leverage Adcentricity’s comprehensive knowledge of the medium;
‣ Tactically collect, learn, analyze, share, scale & then repeat;
‣ Optimize media investments.

With Research Lite, advertisers can take advantage of narrow focus campaign research around the medium and use it to gain deeper insight on the effectiveness of the media impact and contribute to campaign ROI/Return on Objectives evaluation.

Peoplecount was created in 2005 in response to the growth in place-based media, particularly digital signage installations. Serving the out-of-home and point-of-purchase advertising industries, It offers Research and Measurement solutions related to traffic, pedestrian, customer and audience characteristics. Its client base includes outdoor advertising associations, individual out-of-home advertising operators, operators of place-based media and digital signage, and recreational and retail companies. It offers customizable services that are easily scaleable to accommodate even very small or very large projects or advertising networks.

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