The Role of Context: News Environment And its Influence On Advertising

Tristan Cotterill

In this (Australian) webinar, Peter Pynta CEO of Neuro-Insight, will present neuroscience research into the impact of context on consumers’ responses to advertising, including a new study conducted exclusively for the IAB with Australian news websites during a COVID-19 news cycle.

He is joined by global strategic adviser Anne Parsons, her broad experience in the media sector and specifically through the lens of what clients value, will provide a voice from the other side as to how she sees companies using Neuro-Insights’ contextual media data and why it can set them apart

It is well documented that news audiences are stronger and more engaged than ever and this webinar will outline the contextual influence of news websites during COVID-19 on advertising as well as give marketers tips how they can unlock context effects of different media environments.


Peter Pynta, CEO Neuro-Insight
Anne Parsons, Independent Global Advisor
Gai Le Roy, CEO IAB Australia

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@neuro_insight CEO Peter Pynta and @IABAustralia CEO @gaileroy @QMS_Media

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