Canadian Travel Behaviour Starts to Plateau

Tristan Cotterill

Canadian provinces have been in their second and third phases of reopening for the past few weeks, permitting increased travel and socialization outdoors, across the country.

Though provincial re-openings were staggered and varied in approach, data shows Canadian travel behaviour is now at -8% below pre-pandemic norms, for the seven-market average. That is an increase of 22 points since the week of May 18-24 and 12 points since the beginning of June.

The most noticeable increases in activity were in Montreal, up 28 points to -2% and Halifax up 23 points to -3% since May 18-24.

Also showing improvement, matching the seven-market average, at -8% below the benchmark are Calgary which is up 26 points, Edmonton up 17 points and Ottawa up 23 points since the week of May 18-24.

For the same time period, Toronto is up 22 points to -14% and Vancouver up 18 points to -11%.

Data over nine weeks, starting in January till March 15th was used as a baseline to calculate the % difference by week. Data was compiled from over 12,000 geo-fenced Outdoor advertising faces and mapping software that provides driving directions.

The data contained in this COMMB report represents general travel behaviour activity and is not applicable to specific OOH advertising locations, as travel patterns will vary based on road type within a market

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