Chameleon Digital Media Partners With IDS Canada

Tristan Cotterill

Toronto based Chameleon Digita Media officially announced this week its partnership with IDS Canada, a premier Healthcare out-of-home company with prime clinic locations nationally.

Alan Sifuentes, GM of Chameleon Digital Media told us “We are thrilled to partner with companies that reach very specific markets as it allows us to provide specialized location analysis and enhance targeted reach via mobile advertising”.

Chameleon Digital Media’s premium product is its unique Mobile Polygon Technology, the evolution of geo-targeting mobile location-based data and advertising. Powered by UberMedia, Chameleon can understand the movements of mobile devices after they’ve entered a polygon or have been exposed to an advertisement. The polygon precision is within three feet and the reach is 30 million devices in Canada and 300 million devices in the U.S.

The partnership with Chameleon Digital Media will enable IDS Canada to understand foot traffic attribution layered onto its Healthcare OOH campaigns, offer mobile buy extensions and reporting for the advertiser base. This partnership gives IDS Canada the opportunity to extend its digital media offering, as well as create a tool for advertisers to visualize their campaigns through Chameleon’s custom dashboard.

Nick O’Brien, VP at IDS Canada said “We are excited to establish this partnership with Chameleon Digital. At IDS, we are constantly looking to improve our ability to reach health and wellness-conscious consumers across all business categories. Chameleon will allow us to implement additional capabilities for our clients – to speak to their audience during the time they are in and around the waiting room, when they are engaged on their mobile devices. This further maximizes client exposure to consumers due to our extraordinary dwell times.”

IDS Canada is focused on everything that surrounds the healthcare waiting room environment; it has been our primary deliverable for over 20 years. As a leader in direct-to-consumer and HCP information programs in the healthcare waiting room environment, IDS empowers consumers with information so they can ask informed questions of their doctor; make better purchase decisions at the store; and improve the lives of Canadians.

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