InReality Launches Safe Space Resource

Andrew Neale

InReality, LLC has launched an online Learning Center to provide valuable guidance that can help the industry navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving Safe Space landscape.

Having entered the world of safe spaces at inception, we are told that the analytics software solution company is uniquely positioned to provide objective insight into the rapidly evolving space. Working closely with resellers, screen manufacturers, processing systems and emerging biotech companies gives InReality a rich, wide-angle view into all of the conversations, realities and challenges facing this space.

Laura Davis-Taylor, Chief Strategy Officer told us “We have been working inside of this new vertical category since early March and have learned so much. No one can say that they have all of the answers—things change sometimes daily and we’re all feeling our way through it. However, we know that our observations could be valuable to others and we wanted to create a platform for sharing. We want to do our part to inform the path forward.”

The Learning Center was designed to fill a knowledge gap and share learnings that can help the industry make informed decisions with the help of up-to-date guidance in a rapidly changing environment.

What’s in the Learning Center?

The Learning Center is a valuable resource that provides resellers with just-in-time credibility. Thoughtfully chosen topics reflect the top issues that are blocking opportunities for resellers—based on what InReality is seeing in the market, and what partners are asking them to address.

Resellers can expect to find informed observations and current advice that informs their own decisions. Content is added regularly based on the biggest safe space issues currently facing the industry. Rather than curating other articles, InReality writes original content from the trenches in real time to deliver hot topic point-of-view pieces.

A Reseller’s Secret Weapon

The Learning Center was created to help educate resellers and limit their risk, so that they can do the same for their customers. InReality’s Learning Center has also become a valuable selling tool to help resellers deal with roadblocks on the path to conversion. Ultimately, the content is designed to help resellers help their customers.

Those who have set up COVID resource centers are encouraged to link to the Learning Center and sign up for updates. InReality is also soliciting feedback from the industry regarding their top concerns, and what issues the community would like to see covered in new articles.

Businesses can submit topics they’d like to be addressed to Laura Davis-Taylor at for consideration.

You can visit InReality’s Learning Center and sign up here.

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