The Wine Loft Chooses PlayNetwork

Chris Sheldrake

Wine is the center of attention but media provides the sophisticated, comfortable ambiance to The Wine Loft’s growth strategy and here we see them having selected PlayNetwork as its provider of custom music programming.

We’ve never been to a Wine Loft but as committed oenophiles we’d probably enjoy what is described as a “unique wine-centric experience with an upscale, hip atmosphere”

The Wine Loft will leverage PlayNetwork’s Serenade service to deliver and manage its own music and messaging content to all franchisee locations.

Tim Sabo, Director of Marketing, The Wine Loft told us “As The Wine Loft continues to expand into new markets it is crucial for us to have the ability to deliver a customer experience that is unique, sophisticated and comfortable, and to do it consistently across all The Wine Loft locations”

He added “After an exhaustive review, PlayNetwork emerged as the hands-down leader and the company best capable of helping The Wine Loft deliver the perfect combination of ambiance, user control and technology distribution.” AND we’d agree still – back in May 2008 we chose PlayNetwork as the Number 1 Music Provider.

Craig Hubbell, Executive Vice President, Media Services, Sales and Marketing for PlayNetwork told us “The Wine Loft is an exciting new concept, bringing together the social aspects of a wine community with the hip, trendy feel of an upscale urban hot-spot. The company’s understanding of the vital role music and other media play in bringing the experience together shows they have their finger on the pulse of the consumer”

About The Wine Loft

The Wine Loft was founded in 2002 by Jason and Melissa Doyle to create a comfortable, relaxed environment where wine would be used as a conduit to create a unique social experience. Backed by a well trained and knowledgeable staff, The Wine Loft now has 20 locations across the United States offering a large selection of fine wines, education courses, various promotions and social events sponsored by various wineries. Each of The Wine Loft locations pride themselves in the successful pairing of the social aspects of wine with a unique, vibrant and sophisticated setting to ensure the best experience by new and experienced wine connoisseurs alike

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