Miller Lite In-Store Promotion And DOOH

Guest Contributor, Michael Torano

An in-store Miller Lite campaign described in an article here, includes a ‘Great Taste Guide for Grillmasters and Brew Lovers’ booklet, with coupons for Miller Lite, Tyson Foods and other brands, as well as USD 100 off a Char-broil infrared grill.

This begs the question: How could the marketing “powers-that-be” utilize DOOH for this promotion?

Miller Lite 'Great Taste Guide' Case Card

Miller Lite 'Great Taste Guide' Case Card

I for one, see a perfect opportunity to leverage in-store digital media and handheld devices such as smart-phones with SMS and direct web-link promotion, perhaps even an iPhone app of this guide.  This iPhone app could be a free download by utilizing a coupon code shown only in-store on digital media and perhaps even traditional static media.

Before you comment on how consumers (or even marketers) prefer something tangible they can hold, flip through or keep in their pocket, understand that I strongly believe in tangible collateral.  I’ve worked in the promotional marketing industry for much longer than the digital media industry.  Coupons for same-visit, in-store promotion can be a combination of e-coupons, texted or downloaded to mobile devices, and tangible collateral made from trees.  Properly deployed digital screens capture and engage much more attention than a standard rack display.  An iPhone app would also provide dramatic extension to the campaign.  Opportunities from an app would last much longer than a consumer will likely hold onto a coupon booklet or guide.

Additional opportunities?  How about a promotional give-away of product such as the grill and products from the guide to a lucky consumer on behalf of the marketers/retailer?  There would be an opt-in entry such as “Text ‘BrewLover’ to 12345 to win”.  Maybe official ‘Member of the Great Taste Brew Lovers’ wallpaper or mobile device graphics available in SMS and web download via opt-in?  Wait.  Did I just say “opt-in”? Yes, I sure did.  This creates the opportunity for follow-up promotion by the marketing teams of MillerCoors, Tyson, Heinz, Char-broil, the retailer and other campaign participants.

A Digital OOH campaign would COMPLIMENT the traditional POP campaign since it’s possible that not every participating retail location has deployed in-store digital media.

To quote a tweet from a friend and fellow industry practitioner The Tombras Group “If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be.”

What are some thoughts on how this campaign might be more powerful or effective with digital media?

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  1. Jonathan Wilhelm Says:


    I am new to the industry as a whole and by no means am in the creative realm but this is a great example of how DOOH can bring a traditional campaign to the next level.

    You could have video of say Terrel Owens or Will Ferrel or whoever telling and showing you how to use the recipes.

    For instance if the promotion was in Dallas you could cross advertising all the ingredients with the beer and have Tony Romo doing the spot with a cowboys logo.

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