New Content Venture Doohstuff

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Piet Hein Goossens, previously creative director at Neo Media Group’s POSTV business in the Netherlands has just launched a new content venture called Doohstuff B.V.

This new business joins the growing ranks of content companies aiming to supply networks with much needed, good quality, suitable content.

Doohstuff, we are told is aiming to be “The world’s most all round and most inexpensive online library of DOOH content”

Piet Hein Goossens, now director at Doohstuff told us “It’s a cliché, but content is truly king within the DOOH market. However, worldwide you see that content is being skimped on due to the high costs, which leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the quality of networks. As a result, advertisers view DOOH networks as less professional and therefore do not necessarily use them within the media and marketing mix”

HD clips start at EURO 149,00 each and standard resolutions as low as EURO 60. All of their content is subject to a very simple and transparent licence agreement; basically you can do whatever you want with the content, no matter the amount of screens, for the time period specified at download (as long as the content is used within a Digital Screen Network).

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  1. Rinus Says:

    Well done Piet,
    hear a lot of good comments on your venture, just saw the press release on Meteoconsult!!


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