Primesight Acquires Titan’s UK Roadside Business

Chris Sheldrake

Primesight Limited may have failed to get their hands on (the bits of) StreetBroadcast that they wanted back in April but they just landed a much bigger fish in acquiring Titan‘s large format Roadside estate in the UK.

The press release stats that the “acquisition will enhance Primesight’s strong position in the Roadside sector by combining Primesight’s market-leading premium backlight billboard portfolio with Titan’s complementary national and regional billboards business, thereby providing advertisers with a significantly broader outdoor offering”

For Titan of course the sale of its Roadside estate will enable it to better focus on its market-leading Rail and Retail offerings – INTERESTINGLY the press release makes a big point about digital, we quote Titan, they say “and will pave the way for future digital expansion in the months and years ahead” and separately Jon Slatkin, Chief Executive of Titan also said “This is a great move for us. We’re now able to concentrate all of our efforts on maximising the advertising potential in Rail and Retail environments…. Our aim now will be to bring these environments to life though focused marketing, aggressive sales, and estate development. No doubt this will include digital“.

Titan’s Roadside estate comprises 8,600 panels, consisting of 7,900 48 sheet panels and 700 96 sheet panels. The transaction is scheduled for completion on 1st September.

Naren Patel, Chief Executive of Primesight told us “We are delighted to be acquiring these assets, which will significantly enhance both the scale and spectrum of outdoor products we can offer our clients. We are great believers in the power of large format Roadside Billboards and look forward to marketing these fantastic locations”.

All Naren needs to do now is get to grips with Dynamax, the numerous LED vendors and he will be laughing!!!

About Primesight

Primesight is UK’s fastest growing outdoor advertising company, owning and marketing a portfolio of outdoor advertising products, including advertising display panels on major roads and display panels at leisure and retail outlets throughout the UK. Primesight’s portfolio consists of approximately 13,000 smaller “six sheet” outdoor advertising panels across the UK and a further 140 large format “backlight” panels principally in the London area. Primesight has illuminated displays in 421 different districts and 733 towns and it is estimated that 80% of the UK population see a Primesight “six sheet” advertising panel every fortnight. Primesight’s backlights offer large high impact advertising in high traffic locations such as the Elephant & Castle in London.

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  1. Howard Smith Says:

    Shameless plug – Dynamax also sell LED screens as well as our software in the
    UK. We have supplied and integrated all of the Transvision screens to date as well as Titan Ireland.

    Howard Smith

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