SSP1 & @TheTradeDesk Open Up 17,500 New Screens

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Thanks to a new partnership with SSP1, the supply-side-platform of One Tech Group, clients of The Trade Desk can now book advertising inventory programmatically on 17,500 additional digital out-of-home screens in the DACH region. CzechTourism and media agency ZANATTA booked the first campaign.

Through the technology partnership, advertisers can now access the programmatic inventory of more than 17,500 additional screens in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Advertising messages can thus be placed programmatically in public spaces, for example in shopping malls, at service stations or in waiting rooms of doctors’ offices.

Daniel Siegmund, Founder and Managing Director of One Tech Group said “By partnering with The Trade Desk, we are enabling even more advertisers to reach their target groups in public spaces via programmatic advertising. The potential of programmatic is immense – especially in regard to the consequences of the Corona pandemic, through which advertisers demand and require even more flexibility”.

The SSP1 inventory can be booked via the new connection through Guaranteed and Preferred Deals as well as via Private Auctions. A first campaign was launched directly after the joint go live by Czech Tourist Authority – CzechTourism and the media agency ZANATTA media group GmbH & Co. KG, based in Berlin and Leipzig.

Sven Hagemeier, Director Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk told us “Due to our partnership with One Tech Group, our advertisers obtain an extremely wide selection of out-of-home advertising spaces through which they can programmatically target their audiences directly in key locations with relevant content. Whether in airports, shopping malls, motorway service stations or doctors’ offices, the number of outdoor screens is growing rapidly – a development that brands can now utilize flexibly”.

One Tech Group offers digital next-level solutions in the field of digital out-of-home (DooH) and retail. Responding to rapid changes in the DooH and retail market, the company combines ideas, technologies, know-how and people from all relevant disciplines to realize sustainable marketing and communication solutions for customers. Under its umbrella, One Tech Group unites specialist service providers for advertising and programmatic technology, tracking & data, media services and digital network solutions. One Tech Group’s customers include retail customers from various industries, such as telecommunications, DOOH publishers and marketers.

SSP1 was founded as a specialized DOOH supply-side-platform within One Tech Group GmbH. SSP1’s mission is to programmatically monetize the digital out-of-home supply-side chain, optimally connecting buyers and sellers of media inventory. Programmatic Advertising automates and optimizes the booking of DOOH inventory, thus creating growth potential for DOOH publishers as well as transparent and controllable channels for digital advertisers. SSP1 connects touch points within airport, highway, mall, PoS, public transportation, food, postal and healthcare channels.

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