Telecine Still Doing Things Differently

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Following the recent death of president James Fine, don’t expect any major changes at Montreal-based Telecine.

“Telecine is moving ahead under the digital signage and digital out-of-home company’s senior management team and acting president Chantal Bilodeau, Fine’s long-time partner,“ says Justin Lachovsky, account manager. “James had been moving to a more advisory position in recent years, mentoring his senior management team. It’s, sadly, business as usual, including our international work that includes a new APAC client.

“James and Chantal were both actively engaged with the company, including during their long-term sailing voyages, and Telecine’s long-term senior management has provided consistent operational performance. Mme Bilodeau has the full support of the entire Telecine team behind her.”

“It is important to say, in James’ brilliance, he prepared us to take on many challenges including this tragic one,” says Chantal Bilodeau. “We will continue offering our unparalleled service and support to our current and future clients under the guidance of our senior management team.”

That team includes: Lachovsky; Larry Pieters, production manager; Sunny Suba, technical manager; and David Defelici, vice-president business development.

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