Firefly Measurement Partnership w/ Reveal Mobile

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Firefly has announced a partnership with Reveal Mobile, the geofencing marketing and location intelligence provider for the out-of-home market.

Firefly CEO and co-founder Kaan Gunay told us “In 2022, measurement and data are at the heart of all successful advertising campaigns. This partnership allows us to provide best-in-class metrics to our clients that ensure a more accurate snapshot of campaign delivery and performance”.

We are told that this partnership will allow Firefly to work with Reveal on advancing the measurement of impressions in mobility advertising and offer Reveal’s measurement products and capabilities to our clients.

Jon Frangakis, chief commercial officer at Reveal Mobile and co-founder of Mira said “Firefly has expanded the OOH landscape over the last several years and helped drive innovation in our industry. The methodology we built at Mira and brought to Reveal Mobile last fall advances those capabilities in ways we know advertisers are demanding. We’re pleased that Firefly has chosen to extend their measurement expertise with Reveal Mobile.”

The announcement said that Firefly and Reveal Mobile will continue to work together to define and continuously improve how mobile transit OOH is measured.

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