POLYGRAPH Measures #OOH Impact of Creative Executions

Tristan Cotterill

Retail brands using full motion dynamic creative on oOh!media’s network saw a 187 percent increase in buyers, results from POLYGRAPH, a new proprietary creative effectiveness tool from oOh! has revealed.

Launched at this week’s oOh!s Outfront, POLYGRAPH measures the impact Out of Home creative executions have on actual purchase behaviour, following analysis by Quantium of 130 previous oOh! campaigns.

Neil Ackland, chief content, marketing and creative officer, oOh! and CEO of POLY said: “One of the challenges we hear constantly from agencies and brands when creating outdoor advertising is how to prove what are the creative drivers that increase creative effectiveness. POLYGRAPH is the answer to this question. By identifying the types of creative that have delivered the highest shift in consumer product purchases, we have unlocked the relationship between the art and science in Out of Home. oOh!’s investment in POLYGRAPH adds an additional layer of data-based creative insights for our advertising partners, delivering greater returns on investment and making brands unmissable.”

POLYGRAPH, from oOh!’s creative and innovation hub POLY, assessed key campaign features and attributes including context, colour, logo size, call to action, packshot, use of talent, video, number of creatives and more, to understand the key components of Out of Home creative success.

Customer transactional data also saw campaigns that ran on oOh!’s network which used full motion dynamic creative drove five times the proportion of new customers purchasing the brand.

Across oOh!’s street furniture network, brands that featured less than six words of copy, so ads were easily visible to passing drivers, saw the number of buyers increase by 44 percent.

POLY launched earlier this year with a mission to push the creative boundaries by engaging with agencies and clients to inspire and educate them on the creative possibilities within Out of Home.

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