Rockbot Continuous Weather w/ @AccuWeather

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Rockbot now offers AccuWeather NOW, the video streaming product from AccuWeather and the proven leader in weather forecast accuracy, for brick and mortar establishments to keep their patrons up-to-date on all things weather related.

As businesses cut the cord for streaming TV service, they turn to Rockbot for relevant content to display in their restaurant dining rooms, gyms, hospital waiting rooms, university common areas, airport gates, and more. Currently Rockbot TV reaches nearly 70 Million Monthly unique visitors.

AccuWeather NOW programming complements Rockbot’s robust channel lineup of local and national news, including sports content and more. Similar to other content provided by Rockbot, AccuWeather NOW is a live streaming program that continuously updates in real-time, enabling a better TV experience for the end viewer.

The AccuWeather NOW streaming service features dramatic weather video; stories illuminating the potential impact of forecasted weather on sports, health, travel and other everyday activities; engaging social weather content from popular platforms; and long-form storytelling of major weather events and environmental wonders around the world.

“Weather is central to our everyday life – from storms to heat waves to allergy season, people are always talking about the weather,” said Helen Swenson, Chief Content Officer for AccuWeather. “This new partnership with Rockbot ensures that millions of out-of-home viewers will have access to AccuWeather’s Superior Accuracy™ forecasts and engaging programming to help them make the best weather-impacted decisions, no matter where they are.”

Rockbot’s easy-to-use platform allows businesses to feature AccuWeather NOW programming at their venue any time of day, including AccuWeather’s forecasts as well as programming dedicated to all things weather, extreme and natural events, global forecasts, climate and weather-related news impacting our changing world. The unified media solution provides business owners with an enterprise-grade software platform, enabling them to control, schedule, and monitor content across any number of screens from a web dashboard and mobile app.

“Rockbot TV provides best in class programming across a wide range of genres including news, sports and now weather. We are excited AccuWeather NOW is part of our growing content offering,” said Rockbot CEO, Garrett Dodge. “From patrons in local small businesses to air-travelers in major airports, Rockbot is proud to provide streaming weather content to nearly 70 million monthly viewers in places of business.”

Current and potential Rockbot clients can access AccuWeather content by visiting or reaching out to

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