Conversational #AI Avatar Holograms

Andrew Neale

Proto Inc., has announced the launch of ProtoGPT: Conversational AI Avatar Holograms for Enterprise, merging state-of-the-art holographic visuals with advanced AI conversational capabilities will we are told, usher in a new era of immersive experiences, tailored specifically for enterprise customers in the education, medical, and customer support sectors.

ProtoGPT’s first manifestation is in ProtoBot, the first AI hologram chatbot which will come loaded on every Proto hologram unit sold. ProtoBot was developed in partnership with CodeBaby.

“From the beginning, when we developed and patented the world’s first hologram device and the platform that makes holoportation real, we had a vision of making the future we imagined as children actually start to happen now,” said David Nussbaum, Inventor and CEO of Proto Inc. “While the applications of ProtoGPT are vast, our focus to start is on supporting enterprises in critical verticals. We want to see educators leverage this technology for more engaging lessons, medical professionals use it for patient interactions, and customer support teams elevate their service with a personal touch, all through our AI powered holograms.”

In an unscripted video of his first encounter with ProtoBot, legendary actor William Shatner told ProtoBot, “I approach you with great trepidation and fear,” at the beginning of his conversation” Soon he tells ProtoBot, “I’m totally blown away by your answers,” after discussing the ethics of AI and the challenge of ensuring impartiality and truthfulness. Shatner, who recently became an advisor to Proto after using the technology to beam live from Los Angeles to Australia for Advertising Week APAC, then tells the Proto crew, “That is cool. THAT IS incredible… the nuances of the discussion of ethics….It’s more than cool, it’s sophisticated!”

Proto is a VC and mega-celebrity backed technology company based in Los Angeles with satellite showrooms and distributors in New York, Las Vegas, Nashville, Toronto, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Taipei, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Brisbane, Jakarta, and Seoul.

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