ANC Makes Its Debut On Broadway

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

After more than 25 years of providing innovative signage solutions to many of the most iconic sports, entertainment and transportation venues in the world, ANC is making its debut on Broadway.

As part of a ground-breaking partnership for the firm with New Tradition Media, ANC has been retained to install and service three digital advertising boards at 1674 Broadway in New York City. Understanding the limitations of the high-traffic city location and the client’s timeline, ANC performed the majority of the assembly of the panels off-site to maximize installation efficiency. In addition to procuring the signage and managing the installation, ANC has been retained for a long-term service agreement.

The three boards, which began operation back on November 6, are all located at the north end of Times Square on the east side of the street on Broadway at 52nd Street. It’s an iconic corner that’s directly across the street from the famed “Ed Sullivan Theater” and formerly at the center of the famed jazz district. The new 8mm LED boards, which replace previously existing static signs, include a massive 2736 x 912 vertical board and a pair of 1728 x 540 horizontal signs.

ANC designs and integrates multimedia environments to deliver unforgettable experiences. Through custom design, execution, service operations, and multimedia advertising solutions, ANC transforms iconic sports arenas, transit hubs, entertainment venues, and retail locations, college and university venues across the United States. With over 25 years of success designing and installing immersive digital media experiences, ANC continues to deliver the unforgettable.

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