Fresh Veg, Deliciously Affordable

Tristan Cotterill

The Outdoor Media Association has announced that the 2024 Healthy Eating campaign ‘Fresh veg, deliciously affordable’, which focussed on encouraging Australians to make healthy choices, reached unprecedented heights.

With a record-breaking $12.3 million in advertising value donated by OMA members, it was showcased on over 18,250 signs across every state and territory in Australia during the four-week period from 28 January to 24 February 2024.

An independent post-campaign survey commissioned by the OMA through Dynata, revealed the significant impact of the initiative, showcasing its effectiveness in driving behavioural change and sparking meaningful conversations:

OMA Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth McIntyre says, “The survey results highlight how government and Out of Home can work together to deliver positive behaviour change campaigns, and value-based impact to communities, our Members all play an imperative part to help achieve these results”.

One in three people remembered the campaign and out of those who remembered:

  • 91% of parents felt prompted to incorporate vegetables into their children’s meals and lunchboxes
  • 82% expressed motivation to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • 79% were encouraged to view vegetables as a cheaper and healthier alternative to occasional treats
  • 77% reported being encouraged to purchase more vegetables
  • 69% of respondents were inspired to seek further information

Dr Robyn Littlewood, Chief Executive of Health and Wellbeing Queensland furthers the importance of the campaign by stating, “The cost of living is impacting everyday Australians, which is why working with the Outdoor Media Association and their members to promote affordable healthy eating is vital for us”.

Out of Home advertising stands out as one of the most trusted channels for broadcasting government and community awareness messages. The success of the ‘Fresh Veg, Deliciously Affordable’ campaign underscores its effectiveness in reaching diverse audiences and promoting public health initiatives.

The campaign creatives were designed by JCDecaux Creative Solutions and participating OMA members included: Australian Outdoor Sign Company (AOSCo), BIG Outdoor, Bishopp Outdoor Advertising, Cartology, Civic Outdoor, EiMedia, Gawk Outdoor, goa, Go Transit Media Group, JCDecaux, JOLT, Lumos, Motio, nettlefold, oOh!media, Outdoor Systems, Paradise Outdoor Advertising, QMS, Stockland, The Media Shop (TMS), Tonic Media Network, TorchMedia, Total Outdoor Media (TOM), Val Morgan Outdoor (VMO) and Vicinity Centres.

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