Doohly and Mappedin Collaborate

Tristan Cotterill

Doohly, Australia’s leading independent Out-of-Home content management system has partnered with Mappedin, a market leader in indoor mapping.

We are told that this collaboration is set to refine digital engagement, providing interactive display solutions that integrate advertising with essential, on-demand information.

The Doohly x Mappedin’s foundation is an innovative feature enabling customers to tap a digital ad and be instantly presented with Mappedin’s detailed directory application. By integrating Mappedin’s industry standard-setting mapping technology with Doohly’s specialised OOH-focused CMS, this partnership empowers advertisers and venue owners to blend dynamic advertising with interactive navigational aids seamlessly. Customers can now interact with digital displays that effortlessly transition between high-impact advertisements and detailed directory information. The smart content management feature ensures that ads automatically resume after inactivity, thus maintaining a continuous flow of engagement and delivering a more sophisticated and enriched user experience.

“Doohly’s unique position as Australia’s only true independent OOH-focused CMS allows us to provide agility and innovation in digital signage,” stated Sean Law, CEO & founder of Doohly. “Together with Mappedin, we are enhancing how digital content is managed and displayed, making it more responsive and tailored to consumer behaviours. This partnership furthers our commitment to devising forward-thinking solutions attuned to the progressive needs of consumers, advertisers and venue owners.”

Initial deployments, with one of Australia’s leading retail property groups, have already
illustrated the integration’s ability to captivate customer attention and streamline information delivery, reinforcing the strategic benefits this partnership offers.

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