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As all of you ex-BITS (Business Information Transmission Systems Ltd) employees seem to be enjoying yourself using this post as a not-so-private forum (and we are all enjoying what you are posting) we thought we’d hand it over to you completely!!!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    BITS is no longer trading !!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What happened to BITS Berkshire NOTHING it carried on with a select few engineers working after all were all given their notice of redundancy and before the 7 day period of no trading, with a special few who were given the nod and told you will be given a job in the new company BITS AV but you will not receive your wages for October but we will (BITS AV) give you a loan, Andy Holmes has a new Hench man Lucy Quick. She is to sort out the workforce and I expect any wrong doing or iligal practices if found out would be on here shoulders not the slippery Andy Holmes. He knew BITS(Berekshire) on the 19th of October had no money and would get any but Andy Holmes steered another company to the wall. I expect he has a good friend in the insolvency firm winding up BITS Berkshire to tip him the wink on picking up a good bargain.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    How can BITS AV on their web site claim they have been established for 20 years when they have only just started up from the ashes of the old BITS (Berkshire) and how easy they find it to be one of the leading companies in the digital signage when they only started last week.
    There claim of 45,000 sites for service is a bit in the extreme as they have lost so many not servicing BAA.
    Hey I have just found another untruth they claim to have 30 experienced engineers how easy this company moves between fact and fiction ops sorry they have not mentioned any fact yet that is true.
    I think the BITS (Berkshire) obtained the ISO9001 is this transferable to a company that has only just started.
    And I should think they no longer have a LONG list of Satisfied Clients.
    Is David Lawton still with this company that has dragged his old Company through the mud and tried to make out there is nothing wrong or has he jumped ship before the new investors get wind of further irregularities and lost clients?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The worst part about everything that BITS has done/not done in the last couple of weeks before it’s demise is NOT tell the staff and even worse NOT tell it’s customers what was going on.

    Surely this ‘new’ business cannot survive now that all the goodwill that was previously earnt by previous staff including Paul Childerhouse and the rest of the now redundant Team is now blown to the four winds?

    Rumour has it that Promethean are very unhappy with the situation and are now looking to move their business elsewhere as quickly as possible!

  5. Tom Milner Says:

    I find all of this very sad!

    But not for the reasons you may be thinking!

    I worked alongside Paul Childerhouse for nearly 18 months at BITS ensuring that all the customers that Paul brought in were serviced correctly.

    How did we do that? Well we invariably under promised and over delivered but I can also firmly state it was because there was a fantastic Team of people under and around us.

    Unfortunately, when Mr Thakrar’s other businesses failed due to the ineptitude of himself and his two hencmen from Harrow (AP and MC!)he then descended on BITS as his one remaining cash cow…..this after already sripping far too much money out of BITS to prop up his other ailing businesses.

    What I do find hard to believe is that BITS AV (I’m sure that company name is owned by somebody else!) can keep any of their customers with key engineers now departed and indeed people like Paul C or myself there to at least try and resurect it.

    The good news is that after a good few months, most of those good people will be working with me at our new service and installation business startup…..and no Andrew Prodromou and Maurizio Caruso aren’t alllowed anywhere near!!

    Good luck to all you good people who are still left at BITS, don’t let the buggers grind you down!

  6. scooby Says:

    They are now trading as Bits AV as a name change from a company called Smart Start.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Tom Milner sounds pretty much bang on.

    Its unavoidable that AP & MC get tarnished with the same brush but they’re good guys with strong knowledge & experience – good luck to them!

    Thakrar’s been trying to make a play in this industry for far too long, destroying several businesses along the way with shady tactics and dealings – bring on the day when he packs his bags and goes to play somewhere else.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I wish Tom Milner all the best…….. he’s going to need it!
    On another note, there is a lot of finger pointing. School yard stuff….come on grow up.

    The best comment i’ve ever heard is from Mr Thakrar in person… Supposed MD of Bits Av…. MY HANDS ARE TIED….. so who is actually calling the shots at the shambles they call Bits Av!!!!

    My understanding is that Bits have lost more clients recently, this being the case they will have more troubles in store.

    Mr Thakrar….. I kind of feel sorry for you, business is just not your game.

    Who is this new team…. Andy Holmes and his side kick Mark Connor. Can anyone confirm what they have been involved with in the past.

    I also wish all the engineers that put more then enough effort into Bits that were not offered new positions within the new setup (possibly a blessing), all the best. The work that i’ve seen from a certain number of guys was the best out there.

    It also sounds like the engineers they kept on were kept on because they are all yes men… Shame.

    Bits…. do the industry a favour, call it a day.

  9. Scooby Says:

    For anyone thinking AP is a good guy, read about him all about him here:

  10. Anon emouse Says:

    ‘Its unavoidable that AP & MC get tarnished with the same brush but they’re good guys with strong knowledge & experience – good luck to them!’

    Whoever said that has obviously NEVER dealt with AP and MC and their business methods…ask anyone previously at BITS or still at BITS….those two were worse than useless and a totally unnecessary overhead during hard times.

    Between those two people and Mr Thakrar it was just a matter of time before BITS went under.

    For anyone that has followed the above link about AP….I can confirm that not only was he still doing all the things he had been struck off for he often passed himself off as the Financial Director of a number of Mr Thakrar’s little enterprises!

    I think I’m going to give Tom Milner a call and ask if he’s got any positions available…..sounds like the best option, for me as an engineer, and also his future customers!

  11. Anon emouse Says:

    ‘Its unavoidable that AP & MC get tarnished with the same brush but they’re good guys with strong knowledge & experience – good luck to them!’

    Clearly this person has never had business dealings with the unholy trinity of VT, AP and MC!

    The weblink speaks for itself!

    And I know full well that AP was still doing all the things he had been struck off for and prohibited from doing during and past August 2008 when his 5 years were up.

    Who would be worthwhile talking to about that then?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Is the last response no different to what Mr Thakrar has done on this occasion, Bits had unconfirmed debts of close to 1 million pounds……

    I’m not pro AP but that last article was from 2003….

    Mr Thakrar should no longer be able to call himself MD, def not be able to set up straight away with slightly different name, confusing existing clients.

    Basicly a con man.

    Not only has he taken Bits down, but affected honest companies with whom he owed money.

    He could possibly take down companies who have run there business to the best of there abilities.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Should it be investigated that Andy Holmes ordered Cheques to be sent to various people and knew they BITS (Berkshire) had not enough funds to cover them who would and should investigate this?? someone should ask the banks how many they had bounce I bet several contractors did were left holding duds !!!

  14. Steve English Says:

    Nice link scooby, wonder what old slippery will have to say about that!

    (interesting that his home address was published – I suppose that theres still time to send xmas cards!).
    “The man is a Penis”… (incidently that brings my total to 2 in the av industry)
    I’m still at bits and yes it’s busy….
    I feel awfull that some really great guys lost there jobs and got shat on in the process, but that was due to poor management and not as a product of anything else. and this industry being what it is I’m sure that we will work together again at some point

    Tom makes a great point (hi Tom) Bits Thrived and were enjoying good growth, then slippery turned up – the rest is here…
    as for the future – who knows, but the comitment is there, lets just hope it’s contagious….


  15. Anonymous Says:

    Does nobody from Bits Av read this!!!!!!
    I’m surprised Andy Holmes or Mark Conner have no reply!!!!!

  16. scooby Says:

    Too busy ducking and diving maybe.

  17. Douglas Seymour Says:

    Small world, strange bedfellows. Andy Holmes would have known Vijay when he was selling a non-existent sales pipeline at Screen Technology in Cambridge. Pulling in a fat salary he convinced the board that the itrans product would sell itself and floated crazy sales pipeline figures whilst all the time gallavanting the world on a nice expense account. Didn’t sell a thing and was soon booted out. Vijay’s supposed business (if you can call it that) at Bluewater cost Screen Technology hundreds of thousands of pounds, so too Digital View. How many folks have had their fingers burnt by this man?

  18. Scooby Says:

    Vijay Thakrar’s email is Acorn Capital, he only purchased Bits Berkshire to raise money for other things, what I cannot imagine, drained it of money and has now liquidated it. VT, AP, MC and their personal PAs were all getting fat salaries out of it for doing naff all.

  19. Tom Milner Says:

    I found out yesterday that Business Information Transmission Systems (Berkshire) Ltd is in fact still trading… notifications to companies house as of yet…..I also heard that they lost another key customer yesterday!

  20. Tom Milner Says:

    By the way…love the current lead post by Adrian Cotteril about the screen in LHR……yet another customer let down by BITS AV Ltd! Or have they lost that one now as well?

  21. Scooby Says:

    Did they not have a dodgy disqualified Official Receiver in to give advice?

    By the way here is a link to Smart Start (UK) Ltd, so it looks like this is how they have set up Bits AV. Bits AV is registered with companies house.

  22. Scooby Says:

    “I’m not pro AP but that last article was from 2003….”

    Does a leopard ever change its spots?

  23. Anonymous Says:

    It’s come to my knowledge that the guys who were asked to stay have been offered loans to tide them over from Mr Thakrar? This being the case is highly Unethical. What rate of interest is this shark asking for in return. All this information has been passed on, and i’m sure Bits av or Bits (berkshire) or whatever name they go by will soon have a shock.
    Surely the Insolvency Practioner should be stepping in, if in fact he’s doing his job the way it should be done.
    On another note…. why has bits(berkshire) changed it’s registered address??

    I’m employed by a company that has been affected by Bits. Thank you.

    As for Mr English’s comments (bits is busy) Thanks, Because of Bits the company i work for are struggling to make ends meet. Because of Bits the company i work for may also have to close down. So I hope Mr English your christmas is a very good one, because there alot of people affected by this. But at least YOUR ok.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Tom, speaking to a couple of the old Bits engineers my understanding is that Bits no longer service the airports. They also lost that account. They were trying to get people to work without liability insurance. Cowboys.

    Hope your well Tom

  25. Steve English Says:

    … Yes I guess I am OK – at the moment, However it was’nt my fault that your co was affected by the downfall of BITS, In fact the efforts of another well known screenmedia company may well have been a factor – (that & AP’s efforts to f**k it all up )…

  26. Tom Milner Says:


    I’d just like to point out that while some companies that have gone down external to BITS owing them money is part of the problem….however, in the bigger picture the amount of money that was stripped out of the business over the past year to prop up other ventures was just obscene and introducing unnecessary and bloated management to the business was the failing of one person…..the owner…..if you want to throw blame around that’s where it should be directed.

    But on a more positive note, any one whoe knows me…get in touch, all of these things happen for a reason….it may not seem very good at the moment but I do truly believe that positive things will happen out of all these dire goings on….hopefully not for Mr Thakrar though!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    “introducing unnecessary and bloated management to the business”
    Tom, please

  28. mr nobody Says:

    Mr English how can you say your busy? “maybe you are” ! but not with Bits work as your only getting 1 maybe 2 calls a day from Bits.
    But maybe fitting two hdmi balums is busy for you

  29. Tom Milner Says:

    Was ‘unnecessary and bloated’ their nicknames….I can’t remember now! :)

  30. Scooby Says:

    AP made enough money to afford Harley Street right up to August this year, see here:

  31. Tom Milner Says:

    Strangely enough….that new business address for BITS (Berkshire) Ltd is exactly the same address as the insolvency practioners as follows:-

    Panos Eliades Franklin and Company
    6th Floor, 2 Balcombe Street, London NW1 6 NW

    The plot thickens!

  32. Scooby Says:

    Tom – that will be because they have taken over control of the company.

  33. dogsbody Says:

    Anyone who thinks that AP has somehow transformed into even a human being (forget saint) is dreaming. the disqulification may have been from 2003 but he has carried it like a badge of honour rather than a punishment.

  34. mr nobody Says:

    As the company is in liquidation and Bits have stopped trading all corespondance must go to is the official liquidator.

  35. Tom Milner Says:

    There is no mention of insolvency anywhere there should be….yet!

  36. Tom Milner Says:

    I take the last comment back….I’ve seen more information now and BITS (Berkshire) Ltd is now in the process of being liquidated!

  37. mr nobody Says:

    Beware ! now Bits (Berkshire) has been Raped & Pillaged what company is next.
    The mercenaries Andy & Vijay have got to be experts at distorying peoples lives by now , “BRING BACK HANGING”

  38. Steve English Says:

    (Python) Hanging…. Hanging’s too good for em’ I think we should Rip there nostrils open with a boat hook”

    Well at least capitalism is alive & well!….

    There’s only one thing left to do – “Grab your flaming torches, form an angry mob & take to the streets!…”
    ……Still, at least all this takes the heat off Avanti for a while…..
    (If we all learn from our mistakes…. I must be getting a fantastic education)
    My last post by the way –
    Kindest Regards to all (except AP)

  39. Scooby Says:

    How come there is the money to pay salaries for the likes of Andy Holmes etc with Bits AV when others have been left high and dry with the liquidation of Bits Berkshire. Where is the money coming from?

  40. mr nobody Says:

    To reiterate on the loan business, from speaking to a recently departed engineer l hear Andy has sent out letters stating Bits has given the staff a loan to tide them over.

    Let’s do it right all! You have given your goodwill by staying and working during the time of the rape & pillage and have no doubt suffered ritual

    “So why” sign the letter, goodwill and trust has to run both ways “or is there yet another scam happening”. Be careful don’t end up like the many cast out on a limb but this time in debt.

    Also make sure you deal with all correspondence yourselves do not under any circumstances let anyone at Bits deal with any claims you may have, they will try and that would alarm me !. I wish you luck you’ll need it

  41. Anonymous Says:

    I have heard Paul Reading has left the sinking ship Good luck to you.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    I wouldnt put Vijay, Andrew, or Maurizio in charge of a sweet shop never mind a company. And what a cowboy company it was !!!!

    Also Tom Milner makes me laugh. I didnt rate him as a manager and thought he gave his old Ladbrokes engineers preferential treatment. As a manager I thought he was very unprofessional.

    Nicola James was an asset to BITS and she had the brains to leave. Good luck to her.

  43. joshy Says:

    The ship has sunk and a new boat has started, unfortunatly this happens a lot in the AV world as it is a high risk inviroment, with companies going out of buisness daily, look at the likes of Avanti and VMG for example, you just need to get on with your life and stop behaving kids in a playground.

  44. joshy Says:

    The ship has already sunk and a new boat has started, unfortunatly this happens often in the AV buisness, as its a high risk enviroment, you only need to look at the likes of Avanti and VMG for examples, You just have to put it down to experience, stop carrying on like kids in a playground and move forward with your life.

  45. Steve English Says:

    Joshy… Spot On

    Thank You.

  46. mr nobody Says:

    Joshy “you sound like the henchman” as you say the ship has sunk and correct in saying a boat (peddle) that is, ..the fact that we have to remember is the way the ship was scuttled with Vijay Thakrar & Andy Holmes at the helm . Have you taken to time to consider all the good staff that has suffered ….so maybe you should grow up and let them get it off their chest?
    Now all the good staff have gone from Bits (Berks) and only leaving the dregs l feel the New Bits should start peddling like mad. I’ll monitor who would do business with Bit Av and keep you all updated
    In an earlier comment Tom said he was starting a new company (good on you) following much investigation it would seem he’s taking the best staff, including the best engineers; ask DL who they might be? So behalf of Tom “thanks Vijay/Andy” as it must have saved a lot of time finding extra good staff.

  47. Scooby Says:

    I dont see any of this is behaving like kids in a playground.

    What has happened in the Bits situation is all about lies, greed and malpractice.

    You only have to look at the link about AP to realise what these people are like and yes they are tarred with the same brush, who else would work with them, nobody who wasnt as crooked as them and reading about them individually in posts above they have all known and works with each other previously.

    A bunch of crooks!

  48. Tom Milner Says:


    It’s not any higher risk than any other industry!

    However, it is an immature industry and has lots of growth still to do.

    The reason companies like Avanti and VMG go out of business is purely down to bad management and a lack of attention to detail.

    As has been ably demonstrated by BITS (Berkshire) Ltd, VMG and ASG, if you put bad management in your business then it will fail, this is no different to any other industry.

    The good news is that for the handful of badly managed AV companies there are far more honest, hard working and professional companies out there!

    The next few years are absolutely crucial for the AV industry as margins erode further and Digital Signage opportunities mature and become more and more relevant to our daily lives but what the industry badly needs is to not have individuals in the industry that do not understand it and create problems for the rest of us who are trying to help it grow to what it could be!

  49. Anonymous Says:

    What has Mr English been promised!!!!!! who lets all his work friends down and sucks up to a company so bent it’s scary…..
    The sooner the likes of Thakrar, holmes, conner, get found out the better.

    They make the av industry look bad…….

    And don’t try and bring the likes of Avanti and RMG into this forum, this is pure BiTS.

    Won’t be long before your seen on CrimeWatch…….. Criminals.

  50. Scooby Says:

    Anyone with any sense got out when they could.

    The rest, well, one can only assume they’ve been sucked in to promises that will not happen.

    Bits Berkshire had a good reputation, but Bits AV has no reputation.

    Any other creditors out there who’s details have not been passed to the liquidators?

  51. Steve English Says:

    Ok… I did say I would not post any more but…..

    As for comments -“Now all the good staff have gone from Bits (Berks) and only leaving the dregs” & “who lets all his work friends down and sucks up to a company so bent it’s scary…..”
    Yes men! – yes I will do that service call then work till 2am sorting out someone else’s cock up… What you don’t want employee’s like that?
    Dregs! “Nice try!” (You know I don’t have to defend that one!)
    Let down? How?
    This concerns me, I will always stand by my work mates & of course I have a loyalty to the company that I work for (This I think I have proved at bits and also (to my cost) at Avanti).
    However at the risk of being blunt Bits had some real lazy buggers, they are no longer with us… sorry but that’s the way it is, having said that we also lost some top rate guys, and for that I do feel genuinely awful. (Please at this point remember that i didn’t write the list) – Wages & redundancy get paid (albeit from the NI pot in 3 months time) and going on what I have seen there are jobs out there (I know I was looking too)
    Tom has it bang on – Ultimately VT is at fault, he was the owner – but when the Titanic sunk who got the backlash? The White star line or Captain Smith… AP hit the iceberg VT just gave him the means to do it.
    The way I see it, and it’s only based on what I know (so please correct me if I’m wrong) The downfall of bits was purely at the hands of AP, VT put him at the helm, that in my opinion was the mistake… Now faced with the issues that AP caused VT was forced to either re-finance or liquidate the business, From a purely financial perspective liquidation (and the subsequent loss of the aforementioned “Great guys”) was the most viable option, again to be blunt he has removed nearly £1m dept & shed the idiots at the same time, (this is business – unfortunately you will upset someone along the way) At this point I have to say that most of the people I know who are reasonably successful in business do have an element of “bastard” about them, You cannot make an omelette without breaking some eggs!
    As for the subsequent re-birth of Bits I can only assume that the new business model is viable… we all know that VT has been trying to make a play in the AV industry for some time, so one has to assume that there is an element of pride at stake too.
    To summarise…. “Shit happens…. you deal with it & move on”

  52. mr nobody Says:

    By the sound of it Toms the man ,
    Know wonder Bits (Berks) did so well when he was there. I envy the people who Tom takes on, you’ll be working for a good company with good management.
    Just like the media company l now work for we all do that extra mile for our management and l’m sure Toms will do to.

  53. Scooby Says:


    You say wages and redundancy come out of NI pot.

    So where do you think your wages this month will be coming from?

    Believe it or not VT has NO money, ask him.

  54. Steve English Says:

    If I dont get paid I can always go work for Tom :)

  55. Daren Green Says:

    OMG……. Was told about this forum, wish i’d seen it sooner. Beats X-Factor.

  56. Tom Milner Says:


    Our business is in it’s infancy but I have been quite lucky gaining some of the contracts that we are about to embark on and fortunately they are not all in the AV or Digital Signage industry but ultimately this is how I believe that our business can survive by evening out the peaks and troughs in all the industuries we intend to service, if you want a job then please do get in touch, the likelihood is that by the new year we may have more work than we can cope with, I will look at any CV of any engineer that has worked for me in the past and also any others that would like to in the future.

    For this very task I’ve created a temporary email address that you can send your details to…

    For anyone that doesn’t rate me as a manager then obviously please don’t bother and good luck with your future career!

  57. Tom Milner Says:

    I’d also like to point out that at no time have I suggested that Nicola James was not a credit to BITS!

    Outspoken she may have been, but at least that showed her passion and care for the job she did.

    Now, while it may well have been viewed that I favoured guys that came into BITS after me, I’d like to say that I’ll favour anyone that does a good job! If you do a bad job, then unfortunately I’ll say that if reflects on you as an inidividual and only you can do something about that!

    I’ll never admit to liking everybody I’ve ever worked with because it simply wouldn’t be true but typically the guys that didn’t like me were the guys that found it hard with new blood coming into the company that worked hard and communicated well.

    There were a few guys that couldn’t communicate or wouldn’t I can’t tell you which it was because only they can!

  58. Dave Webb Says:

    Tom do you use clik?.

  59. Tom Milner Says:

    Mr Webb!!

    Hope you are doing alright mate!

    Yes, we will be using Clik…..Although I understand BITS no longer can!

  60. Daren Green Says:

    Bits could never use it in the first instance…… Hope all goes well Tom

  61. Tom Milner Says:

    True enough….I understand you and Paul might be doing something together Daren?

  62. custard cream Says:

    i’ve read it ,had a laugh now going for a tab.

  63. Daren Green Says:

    Does not take long to get around… Me and Paul felt a little hard done by!! So have decided to venture out… only time will tell.

  64. Tom Milner Says:

    Daren, I had heard rumours….I’ve seen the new organisation chart….I smiled!

  65. Steve English Says:

    Sound advise “Custard Cream”… Probably what I should have done…

    Hi Dave & Darren…
    Best 1 liner so far….. “Will you be using Clik”

    Xfactor… wonder what Cowell would have to say ?

    Regards to All…


  66. Northern lad Says:

    Hi Chaps,
    this is better, a bit of good banter , it was getting a bit too personal for my liking
    I have also seen the organization chart what numpty drew it up….. Steve is a northern engineer that lives in the south “hum”!! Seems like someone needs a map?..
    Also if you hear any rumours, phone Bits, “the lines of lies are already typed”.
    Nice to hear most are sorting themselves out

  67. Steve English Says:

    Eh Up

    Ahh…. just like being back at avanti – 2 calls today
    1 in greenoch & 1 in torquay….
    We had to do that – All the northern engineers are too busy putting ferrets down there trowsers ‘n smerkin tabs :)

  68. custard cream Says:

    busy day today, supossed to go to somewhere called greenoch cound not find it suposse thats why they sent steve , i could only find greenock in glasgow .
    Anyway going to smerk a tab and check me ferrets bye

  69. Steve English Says:

    Umm … Spalin was never my strong point!

    … Off to swill some shandy.

    “who is custard cream” ? 😉

  70. Deep Throat Says:

    Anyway… the good news is that everyone at BITS AV is reading this now as well….

    Hello Andy, Hello Mark, Hello Lucy! (No need to say hello to Vijay, he’s hiding in the toilet)

    Great email you just sent out about the new phone SIMS with all the associated latest headlines…..Is Nigel really going to still sub-contract for you?

    Who knows?

    Who cares?

    Peace out!

  71. Deep Throat Says:

    The BITS homepage is down!

  72. Deep Throat Says:

    And a quick (you’ll see what I did there)pointer for Lucy Quick….stop telling us engineers lies and talking to us like you know it all….you’ve still got an awful lot to learn!

    That’s if you want BITS to survive again!

  73. mr nobody Says:

    Have the so called management come out of the dark ages
    Andy Holmes could not believe the letter you sent out to the engineers it makes me wonder why anyone would want to work for you, “Pay” you have increased the engineers work load by 75% from 1 job to 3 but offered a wage package they started on years ago.
    Holidays you have taken away 5 days and put them on 3 month probation? Not good for an existing employee who has already proved his worth… And what makes me laugh! You think if they do not take up the offer they can walk and their job will be offered to an engineer you dropped in the shit, cannot believe a good engineer would take it up. “On saying that”
    Have heard, two have already “well say no more”.. little “yes” man Barry and bouncy castle Neil two engineers with limited ability’s. Four very good engineers have walked due to the continual lies which come out of Lucy’s emails / letters and the above; these four will have no problem finding something else they are the guys who are sourced by other companies.
    Vijay were has he gone? no doubt still trying to find some balls he should go back to employing 10 year olds in sweat shops.
    Incentives, motivation has the management never heard of these two important words
    Lucy needs to go on a management course
    Andy needs to learn people skills
    Mark needs to learn to lead
    Vijay needs to learn how to find good management
    At least they could always go away and run a newsagent
    The new Bits foundations are built on the embers of the old Bits “can only topple”

    A while ago Bits might have found Polish engineers (no disrespect meant some are good workers) who will work for a limited wage and put up with all the crap that comes out of the management and continually changing office staff “do the management not know what they are doing yet”

    Intel is great on the Bits situation so watch this space, lots more to come

  74. Scooby Says:

    ” Great email you just sent out about the new phone SIMS with all the associated latest headlines”

    Come on Deep Throat use copy and paste.

  75. Tom Milner Says:

    BITS (Berkshire) Ltd status on Companies House:-

    Status: Active – Proposal to Strike off

    That’s the end of that then!

    What next for BITS AV Ltd?

    On another note, I’ve seen the last few posts on here get quite personal and derogatory.

    Come on everybody, I know there is a lot of bitterness here but please keep it focussed on the facts and don’t let emotion creep into it!

    The prime areas of concern for everybody should be that inidviduals that deserve it should be doing whatever they can to find permanent employment and any creditors need to do whatever they can to limit their losses.
    Any customers that have been effected by the whole of this situation should ensure that they find new suppliers.

    Keep to the real issues please everybody!

  76. Northern lad Says:

    Well said Tom

    Keep the real issues going if you want

    Keep the good engineer banter going but do not get personal

    Be good

  77. Bouncy castle Says:


    How can you talk the talk knowing that you got paid out by Bits (in the region of £20,000), when there are engineers still waiting upto another 8 weeks having allready waited 6 weeks for any sort of payout.

    Keep your mindless chat to yourself.

  78. mr nobody Says:

    Did he get paid out or is he still waiting like the rest?

  79. Scooby Says:

    Here you are, did anyone get an invite?

  80. Tom Milner Says:


    I would have loved to have got that sort of figure out of BITS but I can confirm that I got 1 months notice and 1 weeks statutory pay by being made redundant.

    Boucy Caslte….I’m sure that’s not Neil but somebody else as he just isn’t that rude, I don’t know who told you that but if I had been paid £20,000 I wouldn’t be in such bad shape financially now!

    Hey ho!

  81. Daren Green Says:

    How rude is that…. that means they carried on for another week, knowing that they were not going to pay us…….. Very angry…..

  82. Scooby Says:

    Daren – well there you go just shows what they are like.

    I still want to know how they have money to pay people who are working for Bits AV – if of course they do get paid.

  83. Dave Sadowski Says:

    Enough is enough
    What’s happening with you GUY’s l’ve stayed out of making any comments until now, had a few laughs and a few cringes but it’s now getting out of hand.
    I cannot believe this is all the engineers talking, “look”! whether your one of the few still there or like me taking some time out between jobs we were all part of a team
    Were not the enemy please direct any comments to the people who put us in this position “not us engineers”. Also how about we stick to the facts thanks
    Darren , yes it was all planned well before we were made cowardly redundant
    Guys you have my email/phone n/o give me a ring if you fancy a chat
    All the best and take care

  84. Steve English Says:

    Wise word’s indeed (Tom & Dave).. Hi Guys

    Tom.. 5 weeks pay, as was said about £20k :)

    FFS It’s like being back at school – Someone wrote “Mr Smith Smells” on the blackboard (that’s a whiteboard to anyone younger than me!) and we all got kept in at break… (Mind you he did smell of wee !)

    … All getting a bit silly this, Why pretend to be someone else, Is your own existence so boring ?
    Got something to say ? Then by all means say it, but at least be man (or woman) enough to put your name to it when you do, otherwise no one will ever take you seriously (and not just on here either)…

    Having some issues with Clik – Can i get my jobs for next week posted on here ?

    ……..”It’s all Different Gravy”

  85. Steve English Says:

    PS…. What happened to the post from “Andrew Prodomomomoomoooo” that was on here ?

    censored, surely not !.

  86. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    That post was NOT censored. It proved NOT to be from him so it was removed.

  87. Steve English Says:

    Hi Adrian…
    Ok – how do you prove somthing like that ? – clearly we have a similar issue here with “Bouncy Castle”…

    (great site by the way)


  88. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    AP rang us, we emailed, we checked IP addresses and it made sense that it was not he.

    Bouncy castle is 0 you are the damn techies you find out who he is!!

  89. Anonymous Says:

    After all the comments having a go at each other it makes it hard for me to type this message but I feel I have to in anger !!! BITS have took on a certain engineer called Nigel Roberts (and yes I fell I do need to mention his name). Not only has he got his old job at BITS back again but he has actually touted Promethean (behind BITS back) for work, to be carried out by himself on a solo basis, to which he was unsuccessful. Im not one for grassing anyone up, but so many engineers have lost their jobs and this guy does something like this, wat a piss take !!!!!

  90. Deep Throat Says:

    Hmmm… (GB) United Kingdom Oldbury Gloucestershire Opal Telecom DSL

    Now who is that!

  91. Deep Throat Says:

    And whoever it is in the Bristol – Cheltenham area (this is only accurate to about 25 miles)buys their adsl through carphone warehouse….anyone want to own up yet!?

  92. joshy Says:

    My goodness the children have come out in the playground again. Are they weary of facebook and jeremy kyle. As for Mr nobody the name says it all.
    Nobody nn4.

    I think its about time someone forwarded this blog onto the police as im sure some of the comments Border on Slander and Racist.

    Some of you seem to forget all of you used to work together it just goes to show how shallow some of your so called work mates actually are.

    Good luck for your futures you will need it. is from a proxy server so the end user could be anywhere in the uk.

  93. Daren Green Says:

    Wow, it’s gone mad here…… Joshy? who are you?

    Adrian – can this not be calmed down a bit.

  94. Deep Throat Says:


    You’re wrong…it may well be a proxy server but there are enough intelligent toold on the web to determine to at least within 25 miles of where the IP address is physically located, try

    Various other IP address locators will point you to London but they are not taking enough Hops in the search.

    And who are you saying lives in NN4?

  95. Dave Sadowski Says:

    Very funny whoever you are? you obviously know me
    Mr nobbys last comment was yesterday at 16.24
    Anyone who knows me phone me and ask the wife what l was doing at that time
    I had been up since 4am as a fellow engineer said he was popping over on his way out, however he did not arrive until 12.30 after finishing his work.
    I was in fact a sleep at that time taking 40 winks
    I refuse to drop to your standard so this will be my last comment on this matter

  96. Daren Green Says:

    I’ll confirm that Dave….. i could hear the snooring down here. lol

  97. Daren Green Says:

    P.S….. Is there a prize for being the 100th response!!!!!!! I could do with the luck.

  98. Steve English Says:

    LOL… “Various other IP address locators will point you to London but they are not taking enough Hops in the search”.

    …..Yes we need more Hops !…
    I plan on having a few hops myself this weekend !

    On a serious note :-
    got a call from “Nibbles” today, he’s just started with a new co – There looking for blokes nationwide, dont know all the details but mail me & i’ll give you his no….


  99. Steve English Says:

    Location is not the issue,
    IP’s will change – 20% technology & 80% social engineering…
    Information is power…..
    Deep Throat IP: 80.176.1*5.** – Demon Internet
    you may want to check your router firewall logs :)

    “….your powers are weak old man”

    ….. This is fun !

  100. Dave Webb Says:

    Well Darren, I must be number 100, what do I win?.

  101. Tom Milner Says:

    A date with Andrew Prodromou?

  102. Daren Green Says:

    At least 4 special Brews and a couple of whiskies lol.
    Hope your well Dave

  103. musabula Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I understand how you all feel and am sorry it ended so bitterly.. i too am owed a large amount of money by bits dating from August and got out before ithey owed me even more. I was interested by all the comments on here.. but it seems to get a little out of hand towards the end.. there is no need to have a go at other engineers or mention names i know all these people and have worked closely with all.. apart from VT, AP and MC.. who are the guilty parties in all of this.. there is no need for biterness towards people who are still with BIts although i do feel like they are clutching at straws by doing so and this loan business is outrageous.. but everybody who worked at BITS( not including the obvious) are good people and even if they are still there at the end of a day they need a is just a job.
    everybody did a fantastic job and i know the ones that are still there will carry on to do so its just a shame it will probably end badly..
    There are some people i would like to mention on here and that is the girls in the office- Nicola , Steph and Jo who held that place together for weeks while management screwed around.. they dealt with bailifs, furious customers, confused engineers, and basically picked up the phone all day to the people chasing payment.. They refused to lie to any engineers despite what they were told to do and you dont see them bitching on here… and one of them is still there trying to do her job.. so out of respect to her dont let it get too personal… i know it is hard.. I wish you all the best and hope that you all get something out this mess that we have all had to endure..

  104. Tom Milner Says:

    After the above comment from Mummy Musabula, enough is enough everybody good luck in future, I’m sure I’ll be working with some of you shortly but you never know who you might work with in the future so keep it clean all but now I’m outta here!

  105. Dave Sadowski Says:

    l’ll second that,……..and thanks for all your help as well
    Take care

    C U on FB

  106. Steve English Says:

    Me too…

    Best wishes to everyone –


  107. Dave Webb Says:

    Cheers, that will do for me, (I take it that is a couple of bottles) where do I claim my prize?. Bye the way is lol, lots of love?.

  108. Steve English Says:

    ….for you Dave yes it is –

    “your a very attractive man, dont think i have’nt noticed…” :)

    But usually its “Laugh out loud”

    Take Care


  109. Dave Webb Says:

    Thanks Steve, you and many others have said the same, but I find it’s a problem I have learned to live with.

  110. Daren Green Says:

    It’s gone quiet……. does anybody know how long the process is before we see any money?

  111. Dave Webb Says:

    I’ve been told first two weeks in January, signed on, on tuesday just gone, just have to wait and see, job center took a lot of interest in the fact we only got a e’mail, took photocopies and said this is not goverment practice and will look into the matter further.

  112. Nice Beaver Says:

    Hands up who got paid then?!

  113. Northern Lad Says:

    Got paid redundancy & wages from goverment today! Nice surprise just before Xmas. Still nothing on the job front? .Things are not good up here.
    Any one heard how new BITS A/V are going I know they lost the Promethean contract?

  114. Dave Webb Says:

    Got same letter on Sat, have not checked yet to see if money is in the bank. Not going to bother to look for another job till way after christmas.
    Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New year.

  115. hans gruber Says:

    anyone looking for work should send CVs to or both have education / digital signage division

    good luck

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