Exclusive: Dealing With FCUK

Chris Sheldrake

Three weeks ago we told you about the series of four white papers that LocaModa CEO, Stephen Randall had recently completed and today exclusively we bring you the last one Part IV – Dealing with FCUK

You can download it here as a PDF. The series as a whole focuses on establishing best practices for the DOOH Industry, based in large part on years of LocaModa’s empirical observations.

Part IV tells us that unlike content designed only for websites, UGC is uniquely challenging for public display. There are plenty of user experience challenges and legal concerns that lawyers can and do worry about. Businesses need to balance cost and potential or hypothetical risks of displaying UGC. For many, the safest thing to do is give up! For others, the focus is on best practices combined with the best user experience.

Clearly, large companies still need to adjust to the fact that social networks enable a culture of openness. Being too restrictive about content, especially content that might be critical of the brand, endangers the authenticity of UGC applications. But brands need to understand the balance between controlling the conversation and directing it.

Yet again, another must read!

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