Bernard Henry Kroger Says…

Chris Sheldrake

More rumour state-side is that Kroger, perhaps the largest ‘traditional’ supermarket chain in the USA, may well have asked the In-Store Broadcasting (IBN) folks to pull screen networks out of several dozen Kroger stores in the Houston region of Southeastern Texas.

We last wrote about IBN when they nabbed Bill Lynch, former EVP of Sales at PRN

Unlike fellow retailers, Target and Walmart, Kroger has never invested any of its own money in the in-store screens so if this were true it would not necessarily surprise us.

Their efforts to date with regard in-store screen networks have been small compared to their national footprint.

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  1. Ken Goldberg Says:

    Just another example of why when there is no skin in the game, there is no win in the game.

    The era of retailers extracting big revenue shares and taking no risk is effectively ending. It almost always results in a classic FAIL. (See above) They will come to realize that control is more important than perceived risk mitigation. So the model will move to where the third party is actually the outsourced digital signage operations arm, and the cap ex, content strategy and ad dollars flow through the retailer. As it should be.

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