Arbitron Measures aWho?

Chris Sheldrake

Few people we have spoken with in either the traditional OOH space or the music industry know who Akoo is so the only reason we reckon that folks will run this story is because they know and love Arbitron.

We are big fans of Arbitron and even bigger fans of networks who go out of their way to do any form of measurement and then publish it so figured it was worth a few words at least…

… Arbitron Inc. (NYSE: ARB) announced that it had signed an agreement with social music television network, Akoo, to deliver audience estimates.

This service will provide Akoo with audience estimates to demonstrate the reach and frequency of its network to advertisers. Akoo is nationally deployed in social out-of-home environments, including premium shopping malls and leading universities.

Niko Drakoulis, CEO, Akoo told us “Our mission is evangelizing social music television and making it the most valuable interactive out-of-home advertising category,”

He added “Marrying audience estimates with consumer insights will provide our advertisers with the necessary accountability metrics and redefine the opportunity for brands to connect with consumers through branded entertainment.”

If anyone comes across anything Akoo – we think digital music type jukeboxes in shopping malls then let us know!

About Akoo

Akoo is the world’s largest social music television network reaching 74.3 million monthly viewers across the U.S. Akoo empowers social engagement by broadcasting its music programming to large audiences in premium out-of-home environments and enabling viewers to share their favorite content on the network by making on-demand selections with their mobile devices, via text message or mobile app. Akoo’s programming includes music content exclusive to its network, as well as licensed music videos from Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and EMI, among others. Akoo’s ability to engage viewers while integrating innovative branded entertainment solutions within the media experience results in increased advertising effectiveness for its partners. Founded in 2001, Akoo is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

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  1. Steve Gurley Says:

    Akoo is a very familiar company to those who follow the convergence of digital signage with mobile technologies. They are very good at licensing premium content and using mobile technologies to access/control the display of that content.

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