Bringing To Life Lynx Beautiful Women

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

eye magnet

Unsurprisingly the Lynx series of TV Commercials, usually featuring a bevy of beautiful women, proves pretty successful wherever and however it is played out. We have seen Lynx, the deodorant company use digital out of home in many countries around the world and the latest is in New Zealand where Eye Magnet have deployed a digital screen as an interactive game.

Players become part of the commercial itself by way of a live video-stream and are able to select two girls to combine (if you have seen the TV commercials this will make a bit more sense but it’s all rather clever).

They can then add in a picture of themselves to that of their chosen Lynx3 hybrid girl.

The end result can be downloaded via the Internet using a special code or on to a mobile phone (see screen shot above for the details given to customers)

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