It’s Happening, The (2008)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

All across Europe there are a number of VERY interesting things happening with digital outdoor advertising – ‘trends’ if you like!

First we are seeing brands at the behest of media buyers (or is it the other way round) undertake more and more tactical campaigns – often last minute, often very opportunistic – Mastercard with the Champions League for example, SKY Broadcasting with the Ricky Hatton boxing match with The Healthclub Channel and several others.

Obviously these tactical campaigns are more easily done with digital, if not damn right impossible with traditional (in many cases at least).

Secondly we are seeing a hell of a lot more ‘unique’ digital campaigns – campaigns that are only made possible by the networked, real time nature of digital.

A campaign from gen outdoor media intelligence that breaks next week is a REALLY GREAT example of both of these trends.

It only uses digital (cos’ it would be very difficult otherwise) appearing on : –

  • Titan Transvision (nationally)
  • Forrest screens
  • Clear Channel
  • JC Decaux Primetime D48s

The campaign has different copy each day – basically impending doom / countdown to release of a film – released on Friday the 13th of all days !!! Triskaidekaphobia doesn’t phase us, Ed

Nick Maddison from gen outdoor media intelligence told us “The interesting part is not only the ability to do this and the fresh and engaging message to the audience, but the cost saving it delivers to an advertiser”

As an industry I think we often forget that making advertisers money go further is a key / good selling point and as Nick added “this is what digitisation of traditional outdoor space needs to do”

We are hoping to get some pictures shortly and follow the story as it unfolds over the next couple of weeks.

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