Interactive Store Window Strategic Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If there was any doubt that the hot topic in retail was interactive window displays look no further than yet another announcement – this time an interesting strategic partnership between retail interaction specialist Marketing Innovation Group (MIG) and digital signage agency Pixel Inspiration.

Their idea is no doubt to try and to accelerate the mass adoption of MIG’s Interactive Store Window technology by high street retailers.

MIG’s Interactive Store Window (ISW) turns any shop window into an interactive touch screen experience incorporating product information, internet and video streams and other dynamic digital data….

  • ISW can be used to offer passers by vouchers, SMS and email communications
  • ISW means the end of hard copy brochures or catalogues in-store – ISW enables touchscreen digital shopping day or night
  • Recent trials of ISW increased footfall in participating stores by 40%

They face a hell of lot of competition in this area – however we have been VERY impressed with the stuff coming from Pixel recently and we suspect that they will both actually do rather well!

29 May 2008: Customer retail interaction specialists, The Marketing Innovation Group (MIG) and Pixel Inspiration, the digital signage agency today announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to deliver an Interactive Store Window (ISW) solution for high-street retailers.

The partnership will harness MIG’s Intelligent Marketing Platform that integrates data and digital communication in to the touch screen technology and combine it with Pixel’s creative expertise in delivering digital signage campaigns, technical ability and intuitive content management system.

Taken together, this will enable retailers to create highly interactive in-store marketing and promotional campaigns, or even turn their entire shop window in to a giant multimedia interactive experience for passers-by.

More than this, for the first time, the patent pending solution allows dynamic digital messaging to be integrated in to the projected images enabling video, broadcast and web information to be delivered to the screens via the internet, with content that can be updated remotely to any individual location at any time.

In addition, the ISW has a data capture feature so that users can either make a purchase on the spot or enter personal information that allows retailers to interact further and engage in upstream marketing with their customers either by email or SMS.

Initial trials of the ISW have demonstrated an uplift in footfall to retailers by as much as 40 per cent (converting passers by to in-store shoppers). The ISW will be marketed jointly by both companies and installed by Pixel Inspirations.

Rob Bielby CEO at MIG said: “Interactive Store Window is the market leader in what is now a rapidly growing market opportunity both here and overseas. The window can talk to you, present you with personalised displays and content but perhaps most exciting, it can send you texts and emails containing either product information or vouchers to convert a pedestrian or passer-by into store footfall and an incentivised prospective purchaser.”

“We looked at a number of companies in the display and POS market and Pixel demonstrated the best understanding of the market potential as well as having the ability to scale up with demand for installations. With this capability we can now jointly deliver big installations across multiple stores in a very short space of time.”

Frank Emerson CEO of Pixel Inspirations said: “Retailers are increasingly switching on to the benefits that digital signage can deliver. The Interactive Store Window and the layer of digital interactivity that MIG brings, takes signage up several levels, providing customers and potential customers with an extremely engaging experience.”

“MIG has the pedigree and innovative outlook to have spotted a fantastic retail opportunity here and combined with our expertise we will be delivering the next phase in retail promotion.”

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  1. Lynn Marentette Says:

    I’d like to see this technology in action. I’m wondering if there are any ISW installations in the US? I’m interested in interactive display technology in public spaces.

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