Directional Audio – Panphonics (Finland)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Literally; one day you get a request from a customer asking for a recommendation on “directional audio” capabilty and the very next day (before you can even Google “directional audio”) you get in your inbox an email from a company offering same said capability saying how much they enjoy your blog, and I quote…

Panphonics is a directional audio company working in a variety of digital signage applications so I always find the industry news you provide quite helpful in identifying upcoming trends.

I kid you not and I do not jest!!!

I am doing some research at the moment and will report back on the capability very soon.

Hypersonic speakers are usually used for directional audio – they project a beam of ultrasonic sound and you hear nothing unless you are in the beam.

I understand that you also have to aim it at an absorbent surface or it will bounce. Technology like this though does have great applications for museums, galleries and POS.

Apart from Panphonics there appear to be two other manufacturers: –

  • American Technology Corp
  • Holosonic Research Labs

2 Responses to “Directional Audio – Panphonics (Finland)”

  1. Harun Ozmen Says:

    Dear Adrian,
    I have a question. Are panphonics speakers Hypersonic (HSS) or not ? Do you have any idea ?
    If they are different, Which one is better ? What are the differencies ?
    Thank you,


  2. James Says:

    Hi Harun,

    Panphonics speakers are not Hypersonic. Hypersonic speakers use ultrasound to deliver sound to a pinpoint source. Panphonics speakers use plane wave technology to produce audio that is highly directive. While HSS speakers are more directive, the sound clarity is better with Panphonics speakers, they have a greater frequency range, and often are more practical in terms of their application (e.g. customer can stand in an area hear the audio, they do not have to have their head in an exact spot).

    In addition, some people complain of headaches when exposed to HSS speakers (a common application of ultrasound is weapons), but Panphonics speakers produce natural audio that does not have this effect.

    Additional information on the technology can be found under the technology section of the company’s website

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