LinkedIn Q+A – Which Digital Signage networks are you most impressed with?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Trevor O’Brien, Director Of Technology at John Ryan asked today on LinkedIn’s Q+A the following: –

“Which Digital Signage networks are you most impressed with?

With the rise of more and more in-store and out-of-home networks, which ones grab your attention and why? Is it interactive or passive, banking or retail, in-store or OOH? Is the content video, flash, or a mix? Brand or ads?

Has someone come up with something new and interesting? Just looking to see what floats other peoples boats in this industry!”

John Ryan’s focus has historically been Retail Banking, though recently in Europe at least, they have released ScreenRed and with this particular Digital Signage solution (a very good product actually) they are trying to expand their horizons in the Screen Network business.

I couldn’t resist answering the Q+A – pointing out that the two best banking deployments I have seen are not theirs!!!!

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