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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Intava, a ‘claimed’ leader in interactive media systems for retailers, restaurants and consumer brands, this week announced Intava Backbeat™, an in-store music and promotional system AND a global music licensing partnership with Jamendo PRO, a leading online music licensing platform.

Intava Backbeat™

Intava Backbeat™

Intava Backbeat features Jamendo PRO’s catalogue of over 200,000 tracks from artists around the world and is designed to help retail establishments engage customers and further distinguish their brands.

Backbeat not only provides ambient music for any store or restaurant, but also lets customers browse, preview and play music on the system’s dynamic touch screen, all while seeing the latest in-store promotional messages. The system is flexible enough to keep pace with a retailer’s in-store entertainment and promotional strategies and offers an advertising medium for further revenue opportunities.

The Intava announcement isn’t particularly anything new nor particularly exciting but the Jamendo link is.

Jamendo claims to be the world’s #1 website for free and legal music downloads under the Creative Commons-licensed music platform and has something like 200,000 tracks by 9,500 artists from around the world.

Available in eight languages, Jamendo gives artists an easy way to publish, share and promote their music, and also to generate revenue.

In January 2009, the Jamendo PRO service was launched to offer music for commercial purpose. Jamendo PRO offers an innovative online music licensing store for professionals to synchronize music for TV, film, video and documentaries, as well as for corporate and retail brands to offer ‘in-store’ background music, WITHOUT paying public performance rights.

Professionals and businesses can easily purchase a commercial license in just a few clicks. Jamendo PRO compensates its artists by paying out fifty percent of all licensing revenues.

About Intava

Intava designs and builds in-store interactive media systems for retailers, restaurants, and consumer brands. Using the latest touch-screen and mobile device technologies, Intava systems aid, inform, and entertain out-of-home consumers, leading to stronger brands, enhanced customer loyalty and increased sales.

Intava systems include a range of powerful features, from assortment narrowing tools that help retail shoppers select the correct products for their needs, to entertainment solutions that allow casual diners to explore and listen to music during their meal. Intava products can be enhanced with custom functionality, and each includes centralized administration, content management and reporting tools that enable scaling to thousands of screens.

The company implements and manages systems for customers worldwide, working directly with clients and through agency partners to deliver a unique combination of design, technology and marketing expertise.

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