How To Judge A Man By His Shoes

Alex Hughes

DailyDOOH’s editor-in-chief chose his clothes well at last week’s Christie Digital MIcroTiles launch event in New York City and looked almost slim in his I-wannabee-Steve-Jobs-Garb – in this case, black polo neck shirt (that’s a turtleneck to American readers), black slacks and some very nice Oliver Sweeney shoes!


Adrian did a great job as Master of Ceremonies and has probably never presented on such a large screen (shown here in part as the red background). The ‘FREEDOM IS HERE’ text is actually a button which progresses to the next slide sequence!

Not Microsoft’s Powerpoint and not Apple’s Keynote but all built bespoke by Arsenal Media using Float4 Interactive. Very impressive.

2 Responses to “How To Judge A Man By His Shoes”

  1. Clam Says:

    The ’tiles are great technology but am I the only one to think that the seams/joins between the tiles look rather noticable (reminds me a little of itrans joins) and at times slightly uneven in their line up? We’re only talking mm’s here, but it to quote Jack Bruce, it does give the picture a slight moustache.

  2. William Espinosa Says:

    Come on, he ALWAYS wears turtle necks! so the phrase “chose his clothes well” exaggerates!

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