Gary Kayye On MicroTiles

Andrew Neale

Gary Kayye, one of the most respected, if not ‘the’ most respected AV analyst globally has given his verdict on Christie Digital’s MicroTiles.

I am sure that Christie will be pleased with one of his opening lines where he says “to be perfectly honest, we don’t even think that Christie has a handle on how big of a product they have on their hand with MicroTiles”

Read his Christie MicroTiles: A Review here.

3 Responses to “Gary Kayye On MicroTiles”

  1. Dr. DOOH Says:

    Awesome review! I was also impressed with the Micro-Tiles. I think Gary’s comments are right on target, as usual.

  2. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    My opinion is that they’re brilliant, in fact I wish I’d thought of it, much kudos to the two guys who had the idea, but it’s a bit pricey – the same price as a single projector, per cube, makes this a niche product. Bring it down to $1000 per cube (if that’s even possible) and it could become a mass market item.

  3. DigitalSignGuy Says:

    It may be a niche product now, but just wait til they get integrated. I saw them in NY and was thuroughly impressed. I remember the plasma being called a niche product too.

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