Sold For $20,200

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Nate Nead won the private auction for the domain name yesterday.

On his blog he rambles on a bit about the process and the excitement of the auction and the reasoning for paying such a large sum for the domain name…, on a Hope and a Prayer. held a private auction today for the domain name I’ve been anxiously awaiting this auction for about two weeks now, keeping track of how many people had backordered the name etc. I randomly stumbled upon it a few weeks ago in some of my reading and saw that had let it expire: bad move. With the growth curve of this industry, this domain name is worth too much to just let it slide. It currently has a Google pagerank of 5/10–a very high rank. To put it in perspective, the industry leader, Scala, currently has a Google ranking of 6/10. They show up on page one, when the keywords “Digital Signage” are searched in a browser.

Another thing of note about the pagerank itself is that it would take me approximately three years of continuous blogging and link exchanges to get a pagerank of 5/10. So, given the fact that we do SEO already, the site was almost worth it just for the ranking alone.

So, my brother Ryan and I went into the private bidding process ended at 12:51 PT today. It was nerve racking to say the least. The bidding just kept getting ramped up by other bidders. I kind of wish there was some sort of chat on there so we could argue and curse with the other bidders. One guy in particular kept waiting for the clock to run down to the last minute and then he would place another bid and we’d have to wait another 4 or 5 minutes. It was driving me bonkers!

Finally, we were able to pull it off. Great! Now what? The ideas I have for the site will come to fruition as it’s built. It should be up in not too much time at all. My attendance at InfoComm 2008 will be very beneficial as we attempt to go live with this thing in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, Guy Kawasaki talks about how success in business comes from some luck. Well, in this case I believe it was Divine Providence. Forward Brethren! On, on to the victory!

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