BillboardPlanet Partners With Coolsign

Chris Sheldrake

BillboardPlanet LLC announced yesterday a partnership with Coolsign with the stated aim of creating “the ultimate enterprise wide Digital Network Operating System”.

It will be interesting to see how this stacks up against Ayuda Systems BMS, our current favourite OOH management solution.

BillboardPlanet has been relatively quiet in the DOOH space, they are a Minneapolis based software company that specializes in solutions for digital networks.

Over the last several years BillboardPlanet has created solutions for PRN (probably not the best of reference customers at the moment) and AdSpace (one of our favourite networks) for managing said networks.

This new solution is targeted to digital networks that will be used for generating revenue through advertising and we are told that the rich set of features in the combined platform allows one to manage all aspects of running a digital network – from creating dynamic proposals with maps and demographics to checking the health of your digital network through a Network Operations Center – sounds a bit like TELentice then, Ed

The press release continues to describe what should be pretty basic functionality for a campaign manager in front of a CMS; namely powerful scheduling features to manage complex week parting and day parting scenarios, a seamless interface to various accounting systems to provide billing functions and antegrated CRM application that will allow complete control over all aspects of the sales process.

Anyway sounds interesting and we are keen to take a look at it on the CoolSign stand at DSE 2010 in Las Vegas in February.

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