Pilot installations at Supermarket Seilori (Finland)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Seilori Panphonics Audio

Panphonics Technology PDF

Kesko operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Baltic countries and Russia and has about 2,200 stores engaged in chain operations in seven countries. Kesko has seven Business Divisions ranging from groceries to car sales.

The new supermarket Seilori (pictures shown above) opened in December 2006.

New technologies have been used extensively with Seilori in the past and so it is not a surprise that they should use digital signage and in this instance do some pioneering work with (Finland based) Panphonics Oy and their directional audio sound signs.

You can see the Panphonics devices in the picture above (laying horizontally in each aisle they look like long speakers laid sideways).

The Sound Signs have been installed in the entrance area and the power aisle to create long directional sound corridors, as well as close to the monitors just in front of the cashiers in the “Checkout Channel”.

The surface of the loudspeaker has even been sold to an advertiser – for the Veikkaus sports betting service.

Installation was done by Metronome.

See http://www.metronome.fi

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