What Has TelePresence Got To Do With Digital Signage?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


If you thought that Cisco were the only game in town when it came to TelePresence then think again cos’ at InfoComm there were at least half a dozen vendors demonstrating their offerings – the likes of Telanetix, Teliris, hai vision systems inc. etc. etc.

However Cisco seem to be the only TP provider who is joining up the dots with all the possible uses of enterprise and business video.

For example, Cisco’s entry point TelePresence system, the CTS-500 has the option of an additional DMP (Cisco’s DMS ‘player’) – when the TP system is idle the Digital Signage system can kick in.

Imagine say, an agency of some sort with a few employees. A Digital Sign, which is in fact a CTS-500 device is promoting a product or offering, perhaps something about Insurance.

With one click / one touch, the Digital Sign turns into a TP session, connecting the customer to a (remote) Insurance Expert – this comes of course with the advanced benefits of TP, namely life-size, HD quality images and spatial sound etc.

A couple of Cisco’s DMS deployments to date have centred around ‘corporate communications’ – their recent addition of an Enterprise TV module for their DMS plays in this space as well of course.

In fact the DMS deployment mentioned in their last webcast – the AXA one in Spain showed how innovatively DMS could be applied to Call Centres.

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