#ISE2010 – Harris MicroTiles Digital 16-Sheet

Chris Sheldrake

Spotted at #ISE2010 on the Christie Digital booth, albeit during build up (that was what allowed us to get behind the system to see what was powering it), was the industry standard 16-sheet sized digital billboard that they first showed at the MicroTiles launch in NYC back in December 2009.

This time however it was powered NOT by Scala as it was in NYC but by a Harris Broadcasting digital signage system.

It was made up of 50 MicroTiles in a _5X10_5T_5T_5T_5T_5T_5T_5T_5T_5T_5T_ configuration with two ECUs.

3 Responses to “#ISE2010 – Harris MicroTiles Digital 16-Sheet”

  1. Dmitry Sokolov Says:

    Wasn’t the liberating promise of Microtile configurations to break the rectangular mold of the LCD screen? Other than the seldom seen “O” and the skinny pillars on Colbert report, the demo configs have mostly all been boring rectangles…

    I hope the much-hyped technology actually starts showing some innovative shapes.

  2. Alec Hughes Says:

    Er… ‘mostly boring rectangles’…? There has been a ‘skyscraper’ shaped screen, 3 x 35degree angled strip screens, an ultrawide widescreen and an ultra large vertical billboard. in my mind, anything but boring…

  3. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    Microtiles are fantastic, there’s no debate about that. However some small points – the marketing bumpf states that they align themselves perfectly both spatially and with regard to colorimetry. I have to say that it’s not perfect and could do with manual adjustment in the demos seen at ISE. In the photo above some of the cubes have a clearly blue tint compared to those next door. In addition almost every demo at ISE has one or more screens with a 1-2 pixel misalignment of content.

    I am assured by a Christie salesman that the colorimetry is a figment of my imagination, but that the misalignment is an issue with the prototype manufacture process, which has apparently twisted 1 in ten of the screens, resulting in the slight misalignment.

    I’m told that both these issues will be fixed by the time the product is available in quantity.

    Hats off to Christie for a superb product. Now to persuade them to get the price to be affordable for quantity rollouts…

    If you haven’t already been to the Christie stand to see the big video wall (96x $3000 cubes), go see it – the colours are incredible. It’s amazing how good out of gamut colours look!

    I’m off to find Prysm and blow my eyes away for a second time at the show.

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