#ISE2010 – BrightSign Brightens FNAC Stores

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Saratoga, California-based BrightSign – a division of Roku Inc. – announced today that 1,500 BrightSign networked sign controllers have been installed at 80 FNAC retail stores throughout France.

FNAC is an international entertainment retail chain and the one of the largest retailers of its kind in France. A subsidiary of the PPR Group, FNAC is a leading retailer of ‘cultural products’ and electronic products such as books, CDs, computing, audio, video and photographic equipment as well as entertainment ticket sales.

With the BrightSign players driving more than 3,000 FNAC displays, BrightSign now plays a key role in France’s largest retail digital signage network.

FNAC wanted full HD video and image-quality digital sign displays installed for in-store promotions including ticket sales, TV sales and other products. The company also wanted the displays managed on a digital signage network to provide simple, easy updates on a daily basis.

TMM Communication was selected for the project because it differentiated its proposal by offering BrightSign players with a solid-state platform. The solid-state design provides higher reliability, supports networking for remote updates and is significantly more affordable than PC-based solutions, both on unit pricing and network service pricing. In addition, TMM offered to develop a unique software interface.

“With its extremely reliable and feature-rich solid-state media players, BrightSign has reached a milestone in the digital signage industry as it allows system integrators to offer powerful and cost-effective digital sign solutions to retailers like never before,” says Michel Baronnier, CEO of TMM Communication.

The 1,500 BrightSign players that drive more than 3,000 digital displays in the 80 stores are all networked and managed from FNAC’s head office using BrightSign Network – an all-inclusive networking solution based on xml technology – and the interface software TMM specifically designed for . This simplifies presentation creation and content updates, interfaces with the BrightSign Network service to ensure smooth updates without having to access all of the management features.

Each FNAC store has three specific digital sign programmes that run at full-screen and play video mixed with still images. The first is a television display. This digital sign programme uses a single BrightSign HD1010 player to run the same HD presentation/content displayed on about 80 Televisions that are for sale, allowing the customer to compare each TV on an equal basis.

The second digital sign programme is a ticketing display: This is comprised of multiple large portrait displays mounted as a large video wall and run by BrightSign HD210 players. It displays promotions for upcoming concerts and other events, a calendar of events, and pricing.

The third programme is an implementation of POP Displays. These displays are found next to store shelves and promote store wide savings/promotions.

TMM is continuing with a number of projects for the retailer. At the completion of the project, 2,000-3,000 BrightSign units will have been installed in FNAC stores, including outlets outside of France. Established in 1992, TMM now has more than 13,000 screens installed at over 1,800 sites.

4 Responses to “#ISE2010 – BrightSign Brightens FNAC Stores”

  1. Hypocritical DS Lady Says:

    This story will not die. Now we see TMM managing their PR with Roku by announcing the FMAC win. Bravo for TMM. And what will Scala say about this transformation from Scala to Roku??? Will Mr.BARONNIER be on the Scala booth at ISE 2010 looking for more leads to take and convert to a lower cost solution? Is LeMaire of Scala going to tell the truth or will he continue to accuse Daily Dooh and it’s French correspondent of being economical with the truth?
    For sure it is a BIG talking point at the show. A fox and a chicken at play!!!!!!!
    Oh sorry a Scala egg!

  2. Dominique COCTEAU Says:

    Yes the last post has good questions. And I have another? Can Scala continue to partner with TMM specially when they know of the way TMM makes a chameleon change of platform to satisfy himself?

    Nice project for TMM but who needs a partner like this in any market?

  3. Michel BARONNIER Says:

    The problem with blogs is that sometimes, anonymous people speak without knowing the real facts. Two facts :
    – During this presales on FNAC DS project, TMM has NEVER made proposal with Scala technology.
    – TMM is an independent VAR in digital signage and our goal is to propose the best package (software, player, screen, services, …) to all of our customers. We work in very good commitment with all of our partners and plan to win big projects in 2010 with each of them. That’s what we do since 18 years now.

    I profit to this message to thank FNAC for going on giving us confidence since 2002. Thanks too to TMM and Dagobert teams for their daily extraordinary work, and ROKU and SAMSUNG for the high quality of their products.

  4. Anonymous Verite Says:

    Of course we all know that TMM did not propose Scala but received this lead from Scala originally. This is fact and cannot be turned or twisted. Despite the commercial crisis prevailing globally and in France, the dealer channnel including TMM MUST always demonstrate INTEGRITY. MONEY will never buy integrity, respect or trust. These are the basic and established rules of commercial engagement, even in France!!!!!

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