It’s All About The Fingers With Rogers

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

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DOOH is playing a role in a new multimedia campaign developed by Montreal advertising agency Marketel for Rogers in Quebec.

After having done a promotion on a range of wireless phones exclusive to Rogers, one of Canada’s biggest mobile carriers, Marketel has developed a new advertising campaign which is clearly focused on the users’ experience.

“We wanted to illustrate what goes on from the other side of the screen and show all the things it’s possible to do with these phones,” says Simon St-Germain, supervisor, account services at Marketel. “And it was very important to show the relationship between the phone and the consumer.”

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The campaign is running on television, in theatres, on both traditional and digital out-of-home screens, on the web and on social networks. In DOOH, the campaign is running on Zoom Media’s resto-bar network, on NEWAD’s resto-bar network, and on Pattison‘s in-mall screens.

Marketel handles creative for Quebec, A similar strategy but a different platform is used by Rogers in the rest of Canada.

“DOOH was a natural with the product we are promoting,” says St-Germain. OMD, our media agency for Rogers, suggested it and we accepted right away.”

The campaign will run for six weeks.

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  1. Jeff Atley Says:

    It’s always great to see more and more telecommunications campaigns. We work with Roger, Verizon, US Cellular and others. Digital out-of-home medium is great for for demonstrating user experience especially now that the hand set is so important to consumers. Great work.

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