Nokia’s Latest Gag, An ‘Interactive Signpost’

Manolo Almagro, Q Division Managing Partner

I will start with a disclaimer.  This recent “interactive sign” gimmick is more of a staged event – Like something you’d easily pull off in Times Square NYC, rather than a well engineered mobile UGC + DOOH experience. That said, we must give Nokia some credit as it’s definitely an original way for them to plug their Ovi Maps Campaign.

Pretty simple premise – mobile participants send in SMS or email of map grid coordinates to the “sign” and then the crane operator (once the coordinates are plotted) will spin the sign around and point it in the general direction where the mobile user data has determined it should go.

The video’s a lot more interesting than the actual explanation. However – I would chalk this particular example of the type of experience that I would never recommend any of my clients spend their hard earned money on.

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