More on Digital Signage Paris (Viscom Europe)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have been getting more information about this event in Paris at the end of September after first writing about it in February – their web site is also up and running.

Viscom Europe is the international event for large format visual communication industry and despite it being similar to SIGN and Digital UK i.e. large format printing, billboards, digital media and engraving and marking – we have REALLY enjoyed it the two times we have attended in the past 3 years – not only is it a truly internation event (who doesn’t enjoy visiting Paris) it’s also a big event for the French based Digital Signage sector and well worth attending if you are interested in the French DS industry.

One of the 15 conferences that is being held alongside the event is a session on “what’s hot about digital media?” which is being organised together with APCAD (the professional organisation for dynamic digital communication in France) and we believe that Thomson PRN and CBS Outdoor have been lined up to speak already.

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