#dse2010 – DSF Interim Board

Chris Sheldrake

Over the weekend it was announced that The Digital Signage Federation are to hold a press briefing on Wednesday 24th February (Room N258 07:30am) at the DSE Event.

The purpose of the briefing is to announce an Interim Board of Directors.

All rumour we must stress but Wireless Ronin were allegedly asked and allegedly said no – we got that wrong then cos’ we thought they might be the first to jump ship, Ed and Scala also were allegedly approached and allegedly said no as well.

Several people we know quite well, including some who would be great neutral members, were also approached and have said no – probably preferring not to get in the middle of a spat and be trotted out as pawns by the DSF.

It will be interesting on Wednesday (before the start of the show proper of course) who they have lined up and who (if any) may have jumped ship from the DSA. It’s certainly going to be an interesting start to #dse2010.

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  1. KioskGuy Says:

    Interesting politics involved. As a DSA member, I’m glad to see other members staying with the association. Fragmentation will do no good for our industry. Imagine the confusion with articles referencing the DSA or DSF this coming year. A new person will have a tough time understanding the difference or why two entities exist. And the DSF will just add a lot of noise to the conversation, in my opinion.

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