Dynamic Funds Chooses AddMirror For Impact

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Dynamic Funds was the first advertiser to purchase the full AddMirror Integrated Marketing network and was the first financial advertiser on the network.

Oakville, Ont.-based AddMirror offers advertisers the opportunity to reach audiences by having their messages magically appear on the mirror in washrooms in better resto-lounges.

A rotating sequence of six ads that highlight traditional hiding spots for money (eg, ‘Coffee Can’, ‘Sock Drawer’, ‘Cookie Jar’ and ‘Mattress’) were followed by the message ‘Get your money out of hiding and back into an investment’ and the tagline, ’It’s time to get Dynamic.’

The campaign ran throughout February, connecting to a quality audience and cutting through the ‘noise’ of traditional media to make an impact.

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