OOH Advertising Delivers High ROI

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

A key finding of a new quantitative analysis study from BrandScience, a marketing and business effectiveness consultancy, demonstrates the power of Out-of-Home advertising in delivering a high return on investment when included as part of an integrated campaign and in a media mix, its impact on the effectiveness of the other media.

BrandScience collected data from over 400 econometric studies on the consumer packaged goods, retail and finance categories. The results provide unique insight into how different media drive sales independently, and in combination with other media.

One of the key findings from the BrandScience analysis is that OOH’s ROI has been increasing over time whereas other media are, at best, flat.

Sally Dickerson, global director of BrandScience, says, “This is due in part to the audience decline that has occurred for many media as well as growing fragmentation of media such as TV and online. In addition, the OOH industry has evolved through technology offering digital networks, new interactive opportunities and greater creative flexibility.”

The BrandScience analysis also revealed that despite lower advertising budgets, Out-of-Home advertising is shown to perform above the average media ROI when used at reasonable weights in an integrated campaign and when combined with other media the performance of other media substantially increases.

“The research provides further validation of Out-of-Home’s effectiveness and the impact Out-of-Home can have in driving sale,” says Rosanne Caron, president of the Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada. “The relevancy of Out-of-Home in today’s changing marketplace has never been greater. Out-of-Home advertising connects with active and mobile consumers throughout the day, providing an opportunity to create an engaging brand experience and influence purchase decisions.”

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